What Watch Should I Buy? Your Gide to Finding the Perfect Timepiece

The timepiece is undoubtedly one of the most preferred fashion accessories for many men. For many, having a wristwatch is purposely for knowing the time but there are those who view wristwatches as fashion accessories that complement their outfits.

Buying a watch that suits your personality is not an easy task. This an accessory that will become an extension of you and as such it has to be perfect. You want a watch that not only suits your personality but it also suits your lifestyle and wardrobe. This is probably why you’re asking “what watch should I buy?” Well, ask no more. Here’s a guide.

What Watch Should I Buy?

Your choice will depend on a couple of factors such as your budget, your style, etc. There timepieces for everyone regardless of whether you are a geek, a vintage enthusiast, sports enthusiast, a thrill seeker, etc. Here is what you should look for:

Quartz vs. Mechanical vs. Automatic vs. Smart?

When looking for a timepiece, the most important feature is the movement. This is a fundamental component of how the watch works and keeps time. It’s considered to be the heart of the watch, as it encompasses the inner mechanisms that produce the sweeping effect that you view as time.


Mechanical watches are powered by spirals and tend to have an extended service life.

Unlike quartz and smartwatches, mechanical watches do not require batteries. Instead, they are wound by hand after which the mainspring slowly and evenly unwinds. This triggers motion in the second hand which begins to move in a sweeping motion around the face.

Mechanical watches are typically for aficionados people, who have an appreciation for craftsmanship, history, and refinement. These types of watches represent the best that timepieces have to offer due to their intricate engineering and craftsmanship that goes into creating them.


These are similar to mechanical watches in that both are powered by mainsprings. Also, the hands are propelled by the intricate gears. The differentiating factor being that automatic watches do not require hand-winding to keep the watch ticking.

Your hand movements throughout the day help wind up the mainspring, which is why they are referred to as automatic watches due to the automatic movements. Just like mechanical watches, automatic watches do not require batteries to run. They also have the same engineering and craftsmanship as mechanical watches.


These are the most common types of watches. Everywhere you go there is someone wearing a quartz watch. Reason being that they are affordable and incredibly accurate.

Quartz watches are powered by electricity from the small batteries and are characterized by a distinctive “tick tick” movement. Unlike automatic and mechanical watches, Quartz can withstand a beating better than the two. This is why quartz watches are used in the field, sport, and outdoor watches.


Smartwatches are the new generation of digital watches that can do more than just show time. They can also record your heart rate, make calls, and connect to the internet and a lot more. Basically, a smartwatch is the improved version of a digital watch.

A smartwatch can run apps, play audio tracks and all types of digital media. It also gives you access to functions such as a compass, thermometer, calculator and many more.

If you are into athletics, you might want to consider buying a smartwatch, as it will enable you to track the route, distance covered and your lap times. There are even smart watches for sailors or sailing enthusiasts. They are built with special technology to help track wind speed, wind direction, etc.


When it comes to timepieces, you want a watch that matches your style and functionality. You want a watch represents your personality. Here is how to choose a watch according to your personality:

The Opulent Man

This is a man that loves the finer things in life like fast cars, gold watches, etc. He prefers wearing elegant suits that are paired with a fancy watch such as Audemars Piguet royal oak. If you think you are an opulent man, then a timeless watch will be the perfect addition to your outfit.

The Thrill Seekers

For someone who spends a bulk of their time in the air, you are definitely a thrill seeker. These are people like pilots, mountain bikers, hikers, etc. Thrill seekers are always on the move trying to find their next thrill which could be in the forest, the mountains or out in the sea.

If you are into any of these things, you will need a watch that comes with GPS and an easy-to-read appearance.

The Quirky Man

This is a man that is not afraid of standing out, being unique and feels comfortable in his skin. Such a man needs a timepiece that accentuates his style and personality. You want a watch is unique and does not compromise your style.

The Eco-Friendly Man

This is a man that is conscious of nature and is passionate about conservation. if you are such a man, you want a watch that showcases your love for nature.

Something like a wooden watch, which is not only eco-friendly but it’s also unique and cool. This is a watch that is lightweight, more comfortable and affordable than conventional styles.

The Minimalist

This is a man who is conservative and prefers not to stand out. If you prefer black and white clothes or clean designs, you are definitely a minimalist. If you prefer to only have the bare minimum, especially when it comes to accessories, you are a minimalist.

To match your minimalist vibe, you want a watch that is not ostentatious and does not feature a complicated design. Something simple and easy on the eye will do.

Which Watch Will You Choose?

Still asking yourself, “what watch should I buy?” Remember, it’s not possible to pick a watch and say that it is the perfect timepiece.

We all have different preferences and your idea of perfection will be different from that of your friend. For example, the perfect watch for a diver will not be the perfect watch for a cyclist. Therefore, buy a watch that suits your needs.

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