What Hair Color To Wear in 2011?

What Hair Color To Wear in 2011

2011 is almost here, so all women who take their appearance seriously, get informed! Find out what hair colors make up the trend for the following year. The core message is simple: keep it as natural as possible and be fabulous!


Fans of the beautiful blonde color, rejoice! 2011 embraces all fair shades so feel free to explore. After you consult a specialist on the matter and you decide to go blonde, a whole bunch of hues and shades will cram before you, asking for your attention: caramel blonde, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, vanilla blonde, golden blond or platinum blonde. Just take your time and pick the perfect one for you.What Hair Color To Wear in 2011What Hair Color To Wear in 2011


If brown is your natural color and you don’t want to make a dramatic change in look, no problem! There are so many different shades to choose from! You can only change your hair color by a tone or two and obtain a fresh look, be more glamorous and feel even more beautiful than before. Choose the perfect brown according to your complexion: dark chocolate, chestnut brown, light reddish brown, caramel and many more.

What Hair Color To Wear in 2011 Brwon


Blue eyes, fair skin tone and black hair: a smashing combination! The first thing you should know about this color is that it can either do wonders for your look, or it can ruin everything. You have to make sure black is suited for you before deciding to adopt the trend. But once you made sure it is right for you, go for it! You might just discover that your hair is your favorite new accessory.

What Hair Color To Wear in 2011 black


One color that looks great on young adolescents is red! A carefree personality will definitely be highlighted by an intense red-orange hair color. But if you like to keep it decent, a more natural look is also possible to obtain. You can go for copper red if you don’t like to draw too much attention. Flame red, henna red, mahogany red…the list is longer than you might expect.

What Hair Color To Wear in 2011 red