What Do Compression Socks Help With

Running shoes closeup and compression socks on male runner. Closeup of runners feet on Brooklyn Bridge, New York City.

You might have seen compression socks in stores or on athletes you watch on television, but you might not know why they are wearing these socks or why they are so popular. Well, for those who don’t know, compression socks come with a variety of positive reasons for use and have a long list of problems that they solve or help to reduce. 

If you are looking for a way to ease some of your symptoms from exercising or physical activity at work, then wearing compression socks could be beneficial for your body. But, what do compression socks help with?

Benefits of Compression Socks and What is Available 

Well, before we dive into the various benefits, let’s begin by discussing the different types of socks that are available. 

The first type is the typical knee-high socks. These come in regular sizes and are usually available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. These come to just under the knee and provide compression for increased circulation and are ideal for lessening the chance of injuries. 

If you need a large size that was is available for the typical knee-highs, then the wide calf compression socks will be your top choice. These give you more room in the calf area of the leg and ideal for those who are pregnant or larger in size. These socks help reduce swelling, which is one main benefit for pregnant women, along with helping with circulation. 

There are dozens of benefits that come with wearing compression socks and to simplify the long list, here is a condensed list of the most popular benefits of wearing some type of compression socks. 

  • Increasing blood circulation 
  • Decreasing swelling 
  • Increases stamina 
  • Reduces fatigue 
  • Prevents varicose veins 
  • Decreases dizziness 

These are some of the main features of compression socks, and with so many problems that these socks help with, it is easy to see why they are so popular. 

So, let’s go into more detail about how these socks do these things. 

How Compression Socks Work 

Compression socks are made to be tight on your legs, ankles, and feet, which assist your veins as they push the blood from your legs back into your upper body so it makes its way to your heart. This is why you get better circulation and a lessened sense of fatigue in your legs when wearing these socks. 

As they give a slight squeeze to your legs, they also help get rid of varicose veins around your feet and ankles by keeping the blood flowing through your veins constantly. This keeps them tight and prevents them from being seen through your skin. 

Another major benefit that can help save your life, is that these compression socks can help prevent blood from clotting. Blood clots can lead to major health issues, and if wearing compressions socks help keep the blood flowing and stops it from clotting, then it is an easy fix for a potentially serious problem.


Whether you decide to wear the regular compression socks or you opt for the wide calf option, you will get all of these amazing benefits from wearing these types of socks. Even if you think that these problems don’t happen, compression socks can be used to prevent them from occurring, and they can help you recover from high-intensity exercises in the meantime.

Not only can compression socks be helpful for those who work out often, but if you have a stationary job that doesn’t get you moving, then compression socks can help you out by increasing your blood flow as you sit. No matter how you use them, you will get all the benefits from them. 

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