Wars of Scottish Independence Chess Set by Jim Arnold

Relive history in a fascinating game of chess. Created by Jim Arnold, this chess set carved from solid maple and walnut represents the Wars of Scottish Independence, which lasted for 30 years. During the military campaigns that were fought between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland, the same castle was lost and then won back again for several times. This is exactly what you and your opponent can do with this incredibly detailed chess set.

The castle comes with two sets of flags (one for each kingdom) and when a player wins the game he or she can hoist the flags of the winning kingdom until the opponent strikes back and regains “control” of the castle. The pieces depict King John of Scotland and Edward I of England for kings, their wives for queens and coat of arms for knights. While the kings are 10 inches tall, the pawns measure just 6 inches or so. For $2,800 you can have your very own Wars of Scottish Independence chess set. True lovers of the game should also take a look at the bullet cases chess set from Olde World.

Wars of Scottish Independence Chess Set by Jim Arnold (2)

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