Vorsteiner Reveals its New Kit for McLaren MP4-12C

If you can’t tell exactly what’s ‘wrong’ with the McLaren MP4-12C in these photos, allow us to illuminate you: this beauty right here is an upgraded version of the stock car, created by Vorsteiner, the fabled tuning company that can turn great cars into awesome ones.

This is an exterior package only, so interested customers should already be pleased with their car’s performance and output if they want to opt for this kit. And since we’re talking about an MP4-12C, this is not a difficult requirement at all.

So here is what the package includes: a discrete yet very effective rear wing, a rear bumper with air vents for brake cooling, a huge integrated diffuser, anew lip spoiler, side skirts attachments, and a new front bumper. The entire exterior kit is crafted from carbon fiber.

If you feel that all those improvements call for new wheels as well, Vorsteiner will offer you the possibility to choose between 20- or 21-inch alloy wheels with metallic trims.




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