Volkswagen NILS EV Concept at Frankfurt

Volkswagen NILS EV Concept at Frankfurt (6)

A new electric vehicle concept is here to gauge the public’s opinion. Scheduled for debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the Volkswagen NILS EV Concept could be an ideal vehicle for German commuters, with a range of 40 miles and a 0-60 mph time of 11 seconds. The maximum speed is 81 miles per hour, which may sound unimpressive, but this is a commuters’ vehicle, not a race car.

Among its most special features we mention the unique, compact design and the starter button on the top of the gear shifter. The only thing that could be considered a downside to this model is the small trunk space. Check out the following pictures for more visual details.Volkswagen NILS EV Concept at Frankfurt (6)