Volkswagen Aqua All Terrain Vehicle Concept

The futuristic Volkswagen Aqua concept is meant to provide the ultimate of-road experience. Its designer, Yuhan Zhang is a 21-year-old Chinese graduate of Xihua University. He has earned a degree in Industrial Design and the pictures below can show you just how talented he is. Zhang imagined the vehicle as an eco hovercraft powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with no pollutant emissions at all.

This unique Volkswagen can travel on land, water and ice without any difficulty. It is a modern two-seater with a minimalist interior and exterior design. Aqua has got more than one engine: the main one is responsible with lifting the vehicle above the surface and the other ones provide thrust and propel the vehicle. Check out the video below for a closer look at the Volkswagen Aqua concept.


Volkswagen Aqua All Terrain Vehicle Concept (12) 

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