Vitters Shipyard Amazing Aglaia Sail Yacht

Talking aboutthe outstanding Aglaia, Vitters Shipyard described it as “the confirmation that it’s kind of fun to do the impossible”. This is a 216-foot sloop-rigged aluminum yachtwith a beautiful clean deck and low superstructure. It boasts a perfect combination of advanced engineering, impeccable craftsmanship, and bold innovations.

It features a 272-foot carbon mast and a sail area to displacement ratio equivalent to a racing yacht. The brief asked for an all-weather performance sailer with excellent maneuverability and easy steering, and Vitters did exactly that. For unobstructed panoramic views, Aglaia received a “three-dimensionally curved glass in the deckhouse”.

To top it all off, its 38,750 sq. ft. canvas is actually a huge work of art created by Norwegian artist MagneFuruholmen. This is the largest artwork on canvas in the world, making the yacht a floating gallery of a sort. Check it out in the following photos.