Vision SZR May Be Headed for Production

The Vision SZR has been in development for some ten years now and it hopes that it won’t be long until it will finally reach production. The car was recently featured in the online video series “Done in 60 Seconds”, together with its creator, Mr. John Misumi.

Impressively lightweight (carbon fiber body and aluminum chassis), the muscle car weighs 2,875 pounds in its heaviest configuration. Powering the SZR is a 6.0-liter V12 engine capable of 700 horsepower, but a less expensive version has also been designed in the form of a V8 with 620 horsepower. All this power and its very low weight translate into a 0-62 mph time in the low 3-second range, but the actual figures are not yet officially known. Currently there is only one unit built, and it cost its creator approximately $2 million to complete. We must say we really admire Misumi’s passion and determination!

Vision SZR May Be Headed for Production (6)

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