Virgin Atlantic Announces In-Flight Live Music and Comedy Acts

In-flight entertainment is not a novelty, as we are all accustomed with watching movies when we fly from one place to another. Virgin Atlantic, however, likes things freah and innovative, so they decided to keep passengers entertained in a different way.

It is not the first time they have come up with exciting new features and services. The airline’s loyal customers have already enjoyed in-flight art galleries, mobile services, cool techy gadgets, crystal-studded sleep masks, and other similar goodies. This time, Virgin Atlantic has come up with a better way to make time go by faster and ensure an excellent onboard atmosphere.

The British airline will organize in-flight live music and comedy acts. They will be available on Little Red flights to Manchester or Edinburgh. The Little Red LIVEperformances will be announced on Twitter and Facebook before each flight, but details will be kept secret, because part of what makes live acts special is the element of surprise.