Vilner Launches Limited Edition Concept One Audio System

Inspired by Rimac Automobili’s “Concept One”, Vilner Studio, a quite prolific Bulgarian tuner, has recently expanded its area of expertise and created a high-end audio system for true audiophiles. Only high-quality materials were used for this project, from the silver wiring of the amplifier to the luxe finishes like leather, carbon, aluminum and lacquer polish. High-quality Ukrainian birch plywood was used for the massive bodies of the speakers.

Boasting a perfectly aerodynamic shape, the speakers have a perfect control over low frequencies, and they are free of unwanted resonance. The quality of the sound is irreproachable, giving music lovers the chance to enjoy their favorite songs as if they were right next to the performing artists.

Vilner also offers their clients the opportunity to personalize their Concept One audio system. There is a wide range of high-end materials to choose from, including exotic wood veneers, technical stone, carbon fiber, leather, Corian and even precious metals for truly opulent customers. Only ten units will ever be created, each one priced at €50,000 (approx. 65,000).

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