Villa Moerkensheide In De Pinte, Belgium

The wonderful villa that you can admire in the images below was designed by a firm named Dieter De Vos Architecten, and it is located in De Pinte, Belgium. It was built in 2013 in close proximity to a picturesque forest, and it features a modern, impressive exterior design as well as irreproachable interior living conditions.

The design is based on three cubes placed around an equilateral triangle, and this makes it particularly unique and eye-catching. The home was built using high quality, reliable materials such as concrete and brick, and it flaunts superb rounded windows at its ground floor. The windows at the upper floor are rectangular.

The primary living area is found at the ground floor and includes an open floor plan. The arched windows that we mentioned before allow sunlight to flow seamlessly throughout. The work area, dining area and seating area are defined using integrated cabinets found within three blind end walls. The upper floor is illuminated with the help of a few perforations in the flat roof and the end walls, and it can be reached using a spiraling staircase.






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