Victoria’s Secret Reveals Its New Fantasy Bra

It’s that time of the year again when Victoria’s Secret announces a luxurious and ridiculously expensive bra that will be worn by a supermodel on its Fashion Show runway. This time around, the supermodel in question will be Lily Aldridge, and she will wear the breathtaking Fireworks Fantasy Bra that was designed by Victoria’s Secret jeweler Mouawad.

Victoria's Secret Reveals Its New Fantasy Bra

This wearable piece of art boasts 6,500 precious gems (1,364 carats), all of which were set in lavish 18-karat gold. As for the panties, they come with their own incredible adornments in the form of 126 diamonds and 400 other precious stones. The entire bikini set is worth $2 million and required 658 hours of hard work in order to be complete.

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