Vespa Galleria in Bangkok by Supermachine

Vespa has been around since 1946, which means that it has been creating extraordinary scooters for decades. Albeit an Italian brand, Vespa currently enjoys international renown, and it is still gathering more and more fans from all corners of the world every year. Recently, the scooter manufacturer decided to set roots in Bangkok, and so it turned to a well-established studio named Supermachine and asked its experts to create a magnificent gallery that would showcase Vespa’s most notable achievements.

Bangkok’s Vespa Galleria by Supermachine Studio is a magnificent place to be at whether you’re a Vespa fan or not. The whole place is beautifully decorated and boasts numerous Vespa-related motifs as well as a comprehensive selection of Vespa scooters. The scooters are put on display in the primary room, while the back room acts as a mini-museum that tells the story of this extraordinary brand. So if you find yourself in Thailand’s capital during your travels, then you should definitely take the time to visit this incredible gallery.