Very Rare Jaguar XJ220S Heading for Auction

The stunning Jaguar XJ220 was made in a limited edition of only 350 units. Of these very few examples, some are even more exclusive than others. When Jaguar started thinking about creating a race version of the car, it appealed to the expertise of Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR), the same engineering firm that had helped Jaguar build the XJ220 in the first place.

Thus the Jaguar XJ220C was born: a gorgeous race car with plenty of stamina. In order to homologate the vehicle for competition, though, the two companies had to build several road going versions of the race car, and so they created the Jaguar XJ220S in six examples. One of them is pictured above.

For this project, Jaguar and TWR decided to remove the aluminum bodywork and swapped it with more lightweight carbon fiber components (except for the doors). They also added wider side sills, a rear wing, and a front splitter. The modified car weighs only 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs).

This particular example however, has even more to boast about. First of all, the 680-hp V6 was tweaked to produce 700 hp, and the original exhaust was changed with a new, titanium one. The magnesium wheels, the new headlights, and the Lamborghini Reventon-like body paint are also part of the unit’s unique and very alluring features. RM Auctions will auction it off next month in Arizona, and they expect it to go for $225,000 to $300,000.

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