Versatile Qoros eBIQE Electric Bike Concept

There’s a very good reason why we chose to describe the Qoros eBIQE Electric Bike Concept as versatile. This amazing 2-wheeler that was unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show a little while back was created by a Chinese company, and even though many things are actually made in China these days, this one definitely stands out.

The vehicle’s mountain bike-inspired design is a fresh and welcomed addition to the 2-wheeler scene, especially since it allows for 3 different riding modes. The first mode is the classic pedaling one, while the second mode features a mix of pedaling and assistance from the electric motor. Naturally, there is the option of going full electric, in which case the Qoros eBIQE would boast a range of 75 miles on a charge. Furthermore, a top speed of 40 mph is nothing to sneeze at in the electric vehicle world.

Another interesting detail comes in the form of a 5-inch touchscreen that features fingerprint recognition and is able to deliver important information regarding road conditions, navigation, battery levels and range, not to mention the constant internet connectivity through 3G.





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