Versatile And Original Sada Collapsible Bike

Bicycles are very useful and pretty fun to ride, but they are also quite big and difficult to store in a regular apartment. Fortunately, collapsible bikes promise to take care of any storage problems, but since they all feature spokes in their wheels, they can only be folded up to a certain point. The Sada Bike is different because it does not feature spokes at all, which means that it can occupy considerably less space when folded.

Even though it is just a working prototype at this point, this product might very well become the source of inspiration of numerous other spokeless bicycles that could be transported easily in backpacks or trunks. It’s also worth noting that this bike features standard measurements, and that it boasts 26″ wheels as well as an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars. You can catch a glimpse of this light, comfortable and reliable 2-wheeler by browsing through the image gallery below.




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