Versatile DJI Inspire 1 Video Drone

There are plenty of drones out there that are packed with innovative technologies, but few of them can actually hold a candle to the DJI Inspire 1 video drone. That’s because this little gadget was designed to be as versatile as possible to the point where it can actually transform mid-air. To clarify, since we’re talking about a drone that can shoot 4k videos, it makes sense that the captured footage would need be completely unobstructed.

Versatile DJI Inspire 1 Video Drone (3)

Versatile DJI Inspire 1 Video Drone (4)

The legs that the drone uses for support while on the ground might get in the way of capturing a clean 360-degree video, and so the gadget is able to fold those legs after taking off thanks to a clever design feature. Boasting a price tag of $2,800, the DJI Inspire 1 drone is not exactly the cheapest, but it does come with a few unique perks such as One Touch Takeoff and a Dynamic Home system that ultimately make the price worth paying.

Dynamic Home allows the user to set a flying path as well as a return route that the drone will follow to the letter. A feature called Lightbox can be added for another $1,400 and enables the transmission of 1080p videos from a maximum distance of one mile.

Versatile DJI Inspire 1 Video Drone (1)

Versatile DJI Inspire 1 Video Drone (2)

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