Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - B&B Getaway

You two have only been together for a week – you don’t exactly know each other that well. You know you like her, but you’re not really sure she’s the one. You definitely love her, but you didn’t find the right way to tell her yet. She’s adorable, you love her, and have done so for a couple of years now. The list of scenarios is practically infinitely long, but no matter what your case is, Valentine’s Day needs to be celebrated.

So do you know what present to buy your valentine according to the level of your commitment? Are you sure your gift won’t scare her off or disappoint her? If so, good for you! But if not, then here are a few Valentine’s Day gift suggestions you could consider:

Level of commitment: 0 (Not yet committed)


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - ChocolatesAn almost cliché gift that’s always great for Valentines is chocolate. It doesn’t say too much and it doesn’t ask for much either. But make sure you choose a classy box, and not a simple one.

Dog Treats:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her Dog treatNo, this one is not for her, but she will definitely appreciate the gesture! If you buy something healthy for her pet (be it a dog or any other animal), you will get one step closer to her heart.

Level of commitment: 1 (New romance)

Heart-Shaped Pendant:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - Heart-Shaped PendantShe’s now officially your girlfriend, so don’t be afraid to get her something more personal. A pendant is sweet, precious, but not too much either. She’ll get it that you like her, but you don’t really run the risk of scaring her off.

Hand-Dipped Strawberries:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - Hand-Dipped StrawberriesThey’re pretty subtle, but they can work magic for you two. Your girl can choose to ignore the sensual message they send, or she can respond to it passionately. You never know for sure what reaction strawberries in chocolate will trigger.

B&B Getaway:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - B&B GetawaySweep her off her feet with a romantic getaway. There are plenty Bed and Breakfasts that have special offers on Valentines, so find out which the best are and make that day count!

Level of commitment: 2 (Long-term relationship)

Gold Bracelet:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - Gold BraceletA more valuable piece of jewelry says that you’re over the ‘little pretty pendant’ stage, and you are truly committed. You’re ready to give more and you are happy to make her feel precious.

Espresso Maker:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - Espresso MakerThink of something you love doing with her and let her know how you feel. If your mornings are better when you wake up next to her, then tell exactly that and buy her an espresso maker. Or anything else you know will deliver the message.

Luxury Lingerie:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - Luxury LingerieYou’ve been together for quite a while now, and you adore every inch of her body. Let her know that with a sexy luxury lingerie, and then enjoy the romantic evening.

Commitment level: 3 (Newlyweds)

Gemstone Earrings:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her -Gemstone EarringsJewelry is always a perfect gift. You’re not at the new romance level anymore but you’re passion for her hasn’t changed a bit. So try to remember what pair of earrings she said she would love to have and put a smile on her face by buying her exactly that.

Spa Getaway:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her -Spa GetawayEvery lady loves to be spoiled a little. Buy her a ticket for a luxury spa treatment and let her know that it is your pleasure to pamper her. You can even enjoy a spa getaway together.

Couple Cooking Classes:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her -Couple Cooking ClassesHaving different kinds of activities together is one of the best things a couple can do! A couple cooking class will show her that you understand that, and that you love to learn new things together.

Commitment level: 0-3 (Works for all levels)


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her -FlowersNow flowers are a category on their own. They are suited for any occasion, any level of commitment, anywhere. Women never get tired of receiving flowers and it would be a good idea to offer them as often as possible. Not only on Valentine’s Day.