Up Close and Personal with Jacques Poujade

With 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, it’s pretty safe to say that Jacques Poujade has seen a little bit of everything. The current managing partner at LendPlus has lived a very successful life, and he continues to stay on top of current trends to help in the real estate industry in particular.

How he arrived at LendPlus

Before becoming a managing partner at LendPlus, Jacques Poujade worked in many different financial fields. He’s always had a strong connection to real estate in general, which is why he felt like working with the direct lender based out of California was the right move.

He received his bachelor’s degree in commerce from Concordia University, and a Master’s Degree in finance from McGill University. He took on several jobs, while also invest in early on in the real estate industry himself. He has always had a keen eye on the latest trends, allowing him to find success even early on.

The current state of the real estate industry

Even if people do not work in the real estate industry, it seems like there is always an opinion on it. Some people feel like it is as strong as ever as far as making money, while others don’t get it enough to take the risk.

Poujade has always believed that knowledge is power, and those who put in the most effort will have the most success. His focus on holding his craft has paid off throughout his professional life, and he continues to this day.

No matter if the market is up or down, there are always properties worth investing in that will yield a return. It’s all about identifying those properties and pouncing on them before others get the opportunity. It’s a very tough industry to break into, but knowledge is power.

How LendPlus helps out those in real estate investing

Jacques Poujade is very passionate about working with LendPlus because of the ability to help out those trying to break into real estate investing. They offer some great terms for people who need money and need money quickly. It is sometimes very difficult to get the money from a traditional lender, so LendPlus is a little different.

Not only does the company help financially, but there is some sound advice coming from Poujade and others as well. This is great news for anyone who might still be a little bit timid about how to make money. It’s not going to happen overnight but putting in the work little by little will make a difference.

A look into the future
With a new decade upon us, Poujade doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. He still is very passionate about the real estate industry and believes that he has a lot more to offer LendPlus going forward. Follow Jacques Poujade on Instagram to see what he has in store, or maybe pick up some real estate information on his WordPress blog.

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