Unique Wooden Concrete House In Kfar Shmariau, Israel

Spaciousness, luxury and a unique exterior design are the defining elements of the original Wooden Concrete House in Kfar Shmariau, Israel. Sketched out skillfully by Nestor Sandbank, this contemporary abode is able to ensure a carefree and luxurious lifestyle for its lucky owners, and while its accommodations and decorations are definitely impressive to say the least, its exterior façade is definitely one of its main highlights.

The façade was created using a mix of wood and concrete elements that contrast beautifully with each other while ensuring sturdiness and reliability. The surrounding outdoors includes a beautiful swimming pool as well as loungers and a small table that is sheltered from the sunrays by a white umbrella. Inside, floor-to-ceiling windows ensure a seamless flow of natural light within the bedroom and the living room. However, thanks to a large shutter system, these main living areas can benefit from utmost privacy and protection from sunlight should the need arise.





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