Unique Corvette Valve Cover Desk Lamps

If you’re not familiar with Brandee Frost, we’ll tell you that she served in the US Army as a vehicle mechanic before settling down and starting to work on cars in her husband’s own automotive shop. What we have here, however, is a unique piece of home décor created using actual car parts, namely a Corvette valve cover repurposed as a desk lamp.

Unique Corvette Valve Cover Desk Lamps 1

The valve covers in question were sourced from older engines, and they were each cleaned and polished before being mounted onto harmonic balancers and wired to plug into regular outlets. Available in a desktop and a wall-mounted version, the lamps would definitely appeal to automobile enthusiasts who are looking to add a fitting decoration to their garage or workspace. The desktop version measures 20 inches in length and 16 inches in height, and it tips the scales at 19 pounds.

Unique Corvette Valve Cover Desk Lamps 2 Unique Corvette Valve Cover Desk Lamps 3

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