Unique Cheetos Jewelry Set Costs $20k

Cheetos are great, don’t get us wrong, but we were quite a bit surprised to find out that the cheese snack manufacturer actually released a luxurious and very expensive jewelry set. Unsurprisingly, the pieces in question remind us of the brand’s Cheetah symbol, more specifically the tail of the Cheetos mascot. They are adorned with orange sapphires, 18K gold and almost 200 diamonds, which definitely contributed to their mind-boggling price tag.

Unique Cheetos Jewelry Set Costs $20k 1

Dubbed “Designs by Chester Cheetah” collection, the set costs $20,000, and it is meant to serve as an extremely lavish gift for any dedicated Cheetos fan. Despite being associated with a cheesy snack, the set is definitely worthy of its price tag.

Unique Cheetos Jewelry Set Costs $20k 2

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