Uniopt Pachleitner’s ‘Black Panther’ Headquarters

If you haven’t yet heard about the eyewear and jewelry company Uniopt Pachleitner Group, you’ll definitely know about them now. Their powerful and elegant headquarters in Graz, Austria, impresses with its futuristic appearance. GS Architects created a building that matches the company’s designs, mission and philosophy.

‘The Black Panther’, as it was called, is a sculpture-like building characterized by an ambitious design, which became reality with the use of a ventilated rain screen cladding system. Following the company’s functional and aesthetic requests, the architects also used the StoVerotec protective glass system. With its black finish, sharp edges and angles, this striking building definitely inspires creativity. But is it also ‘tranquil and beautiful’ as the company desired? What do you think?

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