Two Wheeled Jewel: The Limited Edition Tribute Vespa Scooter

Jewels can be worn on fingers, wrists, ears…and on the street! A beautiful car or an exclusive bike can be just as much of a jewel as a ring or a necklace is. Here you have a perfect example: the Limited Edition Tribute Vespa from Digital Veneer.

The main source of inspiration for the designers of this scooter were the Italian mahogany speedboats of the ‘60s. The precious craftsmanship of this small motorcycle makes it real work of art, with its beautiful mahogany finishes and the hand stitched leather seat. The numbered limited edition silver plaque is also included in the standard package, but if this is not enough, you can always ask for further customization.

The Limited Edition Tribute Vespa is powered by a single cylinder 49cc with a 8.5 liter fuel capacity. It has an automatic twist and go transmission, an electric starter and it weighs 211 pounds. We know nothing about its price just yet, but we expect it to be at least a bit spicy.

Digital Veneers Limited Edition Tribute Vespa

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