Triplex Apartment in Monaco by Federico Delrosso Architects

Residence in Monaco by Federico Delrosso Architects (15)

This lovely triplex apartment was born from the fusion and restructuring of three older apartments of a 20th century building in Monaco. Federico Delrosso Architects were specifically requested to make the new home suitable for a family with children, and after approximately 18 moths of hard work, the project was completed in 2010.

According to the architect, “the first act was the creation of a new staircase, completely independent from the condominium stairs”, which was meant to create a clear link between all the levels of the dwelling. The three floors have different personalities, as they were created for different purposes: the first one is more “crowded” and is specially designed for the older and more independent children; the second one is more compact and more intimate, perfect for the parents and the younger kids in the family; the third one holds the living areas, where the entire family can gather, hence the living room and the kitchen. This last level ends in a loft space which is partly a leisure area and partly a study.

Federico Delrosso wanted to make this home a metaphor for family relationships, expressed in the materials and colors that he used throughout. The extensive use of zebrano wood (doors, partitions, furniture) expresses “strength and lightness at the same time, being reliable yet not intrusive” – like a mirror of a family where the emotional relations are strong, yet every member keeps its independence. The color of this material also goes well with both cold and warm hues, thus not restricting the family’s future color choices.