Trend Alert: Summer Nails

Now we are in the height of summer, it is time to lighten up your look with bright summer clothes and a new color palette that is lively and fun. Summer nails are a fantastic place to start and this year’s trends are certainly creating the wow factor!

So what are the summer trends this year, and how do you create the latest summer nails look? Let’s check it out.

Minimalist nail art

Minimalist nail art is fantastic if you want the style of perfect nails but want something easy that you can do yourself. This style of summer nails just requires dotting a simple design on each nail and if you don’t have the necessary steady hand to make your own design you can buy ready made stickers to do the job for you. 

Pointed French Manicure 

This is a summer trend that we love. This is a conventional French manicure that leaves a band of white at the tips. The difference is that with a pointed manicure the white strip is formed into a crisp pointed V shape. 

Detailed Nail Art

If you want each nail to tell its own little story with each nail’s unique illustration, some detailed nail art will certainly float your boat. This style is impossible to carry out yourself but a visit to a professional manicurist will create the wow effect that is currently a major summer trend in nail art. 

Gold Nails

Embrace the bling with some golden nails and feel like a million dollars just by looking at your hands. The best way to carry off this look is to only paint the tips gold, rather than the whole nail. After all, you don’t want to be criticised for being gaudy. 

Designs in bright colors

Create a zigzag pattern effect by masking areas of your nails and applying blocks of color. This bright vibrant design is easy to achieve, although time consuming but you will find that it is easy to do and totally worth it. 

Blue is the color 

Sticking with a signature color is a great way to make your own style statement.  Summer nails are fabulous in blue because the color suggests blue seas and blue skies and the color can match with everything, even liven up a pair of jean cut offs or cute denim jacket

Check out Zoya Nail Polish Blue for inspiration. We never knew there were so many blue shades available, and this brand is perfect for your new summer nails. Bright, colorful and long lasting, Zoya is a professional range of nail polish that is perfect for home use as well as used by the professionals. 

However you decide to create your summer nails, it is crucial to use good quality nail lacquer that doesn’t chip easily and retains a bright lively color.Zoya is the number one choice for manicurists. The company produces a fantastic color range that is perfect for any summer nails design you can imagine. In addition all Zoya products are natural and safe and don’t contain the harmful chemicals found in other brands.