Tremor Is A Fantastic Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Regular Bluetooth speakers are fantastic for picnics or camping trips, but if you plan to take one with you further away from civilization, you might as well go for a reliable, tough product. The Dreamwave TREMOR Bluetooth Speaker is a superb choice, as it offers a perfect balance between durability, performance and convenience.

Tremor Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 1

Equipped with a portable power bank of 20,800 mAh, this product offers up to 15 hours of listening time when its volume is a little over halfway turned up. On full volume, however, TREMOR delivers up to eight hours of fun, which is still quite respectable. The product incorporates a pair of full-range speakers, two passive drivers, a two Tweeter Hi-Fi digital amplifier and an Anti-Distortion clarity feature. It comes with 50W of power and is complemented by a canvas shoulder strap for easy portability. It’s also worth noting that two of these speakers can be paired up in order to achieve surround sound.

Tremor Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 2 Tremor Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 3 Tremor Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 5

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