Tranquility Luxury Estate Now $25 Million Cheaper

Joel Horowitz, the co-founder of Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand, initially listed his 210-acre property in Nevada at $100 million. This happened in 2006, but since no billionaire seemed to be willing to spend all this money on the house, he decided to cut $25 million from the initial price.

Called Tranquility, the estate was built by Joel and his wife Ann during the late 1990s as a complex of eight different buildings: the main house, the guest house, the additional guest/staff house, the conservatory, the art studio, the gymnasium with indoor basketball court, the boat house pavilion and the stable. Offering 20,000-sq-ft of living spaces, the residence was made to resemble an European mountain home.

It flaunts a wine cellar with 3,500 bottles, a 19-seat movie theater, an indoor swimming pool and atrium, a garage for 16 cars and a golf course. Inside, the main stair is a gorgeous replica of the Titanic staircase, the cigar lounge is inspired by St. Regis Hotel in New York, and the marble floor in the library resembles that of the New York Public Library. The 7th century marble flooring in the dining hall comes from a French property, and a hand-painted ceiling shows the fauna of Lake Tahoe.

The nine-bedroom residence features numerous artifacts, materials, pieces of art and furniture from all over the world, all gathered here to create a unique home with a sophisticated style. Now priced at “only” $75 million, Tranquility is truly a haven of intimacy and relaxation.

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