Top Scandi Trends of Spring Summer 2019 – gender fluid and exquisite

Top Scandi Trends of Spring Summer 2019 – gender fluid and exquisite

Scandi fashion is no secret on the runway. According to Vogue, Scandi is the new Parisian chic and has been dominating the runway for this year’s 2019 summer collections. We explore the latest in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo fashion week for SS19. If Scandi fashion is known for its minimalist and quiet look, this year’s collections have proved otherwise with loud colors, trek gear for men, prints and bold textures.

Trek Gear is all the rage in Normcore

This year’s trek wear has brought back the community of streetwear doused in the elevated collections by Clot, Alex and Ambush. High fashion houses are also keen to adopt the daring street style. Esteemed fashion staple Balenciaga have teamed up with Dover street to design a new sneaker line called Triple S. Although some may consider trek wear as mainstream, the “un-cool” aspect of it is actually what makes it cool, and only the best designers can distinguish that nuance.

Neutral is not just a color -it’s about gender fluidity

Neutrality is the pinnacle of Scandi fashion, and this year’s designers have applied it in a more gender fluid sense. The level of vulnerability in the latest by Lazochmidl and Emilie Jarnell is reflected in their collection highlighting femme silhouettes complimented by intricate adorning. Cophenhagen fashion week also introduced us to unique OFC wear (Office for Form and Contexture) with unique transparent patterns and minimalistic lines to maintain that chic corporate tone.

Classic Scandinavian fare -layered, airy and simplistic

Holzweiler’s simplistic yet airy spring collection stays true to Scandi fashion DNA. The layered wonder of their latest production was a sleek combination of bombers, anoraks and the trendy trek wear that seems to be invading the Scandi runways. In true Scandi fashion, prints and muted colors provided the spice that shimmered the neutral color palettes. Hints of blues , oranges, prints, buckles and sun hats were the highlight of a well-balanced show.

Colors take centre stage

\While subtlety is a crucial element of Scandi fashion, hues of creamy yellow dawned the Copenhagen and Oslo runways. The particularly muted yet expressive nature of the creamy yellow is what had designers implementing its delicate shades throughout their collections. Top designers Martin Asbjørn, Lærke Andersen, and Stine Goya were one of many to implement the winning color in their collections.

The 90’s are back, say The Fashion Focused

Although 90’s revival is no secret, Scandi fashion houses have taken it to the next level. Jump back in time with hints of Dawson’s Creek-esque short-sleeved button downs over a simple tee by Ganni. Tie-dye also made a comeback along with high-laced hiking boots to claim its place as the top Scandi winter shoe. Don’t forget the snake print and biker shorts ensemble. Designer NAND paired with shades and an oversized blazer.
Fashion Focused curator Heidi Paterson mentions that, “the 90’s will forever burn our minds as a better time that struck our naivete and made us rebel in the fashion world”. Paterson is an expert in vintage curation and is obsessed with the newest designer interpretations of 90’s hits. Scandi fashion has made leapt from the minimalistic limits that held it down for decades and has moved into the eclectic and sought-after status today. We have yet to see what Scandi designers can do to keep surprising the hordes of fashion addicts across the globe.

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