Top Looks for Junior Bridesmaids

All members of the wedding party need to look good when the photographers show up. This includes junior bridesmaids. Many young people love the idea of being part of the wedding. A bride wants to ensure every single member of her wedding party is suitably attired. Fashionable, well made clothing that suits all her junior bridesmaids is a great way to welcome everyone on her big day. These looks not only work for a trip down the aisle. They can be worn again and again afterwards.

Floral Patterns

Flowers have long been associated with weddings. Brides today have access to flowers from all over the world. Now is the time to think about incorporating flowers everywhere. Designers are showing off fabric that can be used to create lovely, elegant and yet age appropriate looks. A floral dress scattered with delicate roses is an ideal thing to bring out a young woman’s rosy glow. Think about the colors being used in the wedding. A junior bridesmaid dress that has glints of yellow and pink, for example, is a great way to bring out an underlying color theme.

Pretty Lace

Lace is a beautiful fabric that many brides adore bringing to their wedding. It’s appropriate for all ages. Lace can be used for a junior bridesmaid dress with ease. Many modern brides are using lace in unexpected places. A long lace collar held high against the neck is a good choice for an old fashioned wedding in the middle of winter. Junior bridesmaids can have a band of lace across the top of the bust. Let the lace fall over another fabric. The look is very fashionable and yet also quite contemporary at the same time.

Classic White

White is the color for wedding dresses. It’s also a color that lends itself to dresses for her attendants. White comes in many tones and shades ranging from bright white to more understated hues of ivory and cream. Designers are turning to this most basic of all colors for everyone participating in any wedding. A junior bridesmaid can have a scaled down version of the bride’s own wedding dress. This is an excellent way to create a cohesive look for the entire bridal party. Add a touch of a different color such as a light blue sash for much needed contrast.

Empire Waist

The empire waist has a long and storied history. For decades, it’s been a free flowing alternative to more buttoned up silhouettes. A dress with this look that hugs the top part of the body while extending to the rest of the bodice is formal and yet has a casual air at the same time. Make sure the area around the bust is well fitted for the junior bridesmaid. The rest of the dress can be any length from knee to ankle. Multiple layers of fabric including a sheer top and then satin and silk underneath it are perfect. Add velvet ribbons in a contrasting shade such as red, green, blue or even black to further outline the look in photographs.

Ruffles Everywhere

Little girls and big girls love ruffles. Ruffles of all kinds are being shown in junior bridesmaids dresses today. A series of ruffles across the neck shows off the young woman’s updo and any jewelry. Ruffles gathered at the back of the dress add drama as she walks in front of the bride. This is one way to add the ideal detail to an otherwise plain look. Tiny ruffles made to measure with well crafted stitches make the dress one that she’ll cherish for the rest of her life once the wedding is over. Ruffles can also cascade across the entire bodice of the dress. This is a look that is exuberant and over the top. It’s the perfect look for a junior bridesmaid at an upscale, luxurious wedding.

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