Top 50 Art and Design Trends in November 2010

Bad Girl Inktography

50.  Stripped-Down Icons

The Hello Kitty Anatomy Sculpture proves that not even Sanrio’s iconic kitty is safe from being stripped down by Jason Freeny. Freeny’s anatomy art has appeared on Trend Hunter before, with the insides of Mickey Mouse and My Little Pony being revealed to the world.

If you’ve always found anatomical artwork to be a little creepy, the Hello Kitty Anatomy Sculpture is no exception.Stripped-Down IconsStripped-Down Icons49. Wacky Hair Accessories

Dutch student Iris van Daalen had cleverly come up with an innovative method to utilize hair in her project dubbed ‘Hirsute Jewelry.’ Van Daalen was sick and tired of how hair can get frizzy, wet and misshaped during tricky weather and therefore, decided to use hair in a very different way.Wacky Hair AccessoriesWacky Hair Accessories48. Minimalist Sliding Spaces

In order to maximize the use of small spaces, designer Yuko Shibata cleverly came up with the idea of a moving bookshelf/wall to make life easier for ideal bachelor pad living. The idea is simple: should you need more space, move the wall and voila!Minimalist Sliding SpacesMinimalist Sliding Spaces47. Iconic Backdrop Photos

Fashion photographer MOFO has a knack for producing really edgy artworks. With models being shot in front of a plain white background and at iconic locations, these images are definitely eye-catching.Iconic Backdrop PhotosIconic Backdrop Photos46. Imaginative Hybrid Artistry

If you’ve never seen paintings by SIT, then get ready for a treat because this SIT ‘NOIR’ collection is wildly breathtaking. A seemingly quirky painter from Amsterdam, SIT’s talent doesn’t unnoticed in these creative illustrations.Imaginative Hybrid ArtistryImaginative Hybrid Artistry45. Bizarrely Adventurous Illustrations

It one thing to be an artist and another to produce highly original and imaginative work like James Jean does. His intricate illustrations are beautiful to behold, yet upon closer inspection they are also incredibly bizarre.Bizarrely Adventurous IllustrationsBizarrely Adventurous Illustrations44. Flexible Washbasins

The most compelling design is when an object takes on the form of its function, and this Sophie Mensen ‘Watertable’ does just that. Made to morph in shape, the slick sink is a pliable polymer that expands to collect the volume of water, continually growing as the basin fills.

When it’s not in use, the “formless” Sophie Mensen ‘Watertable’ sits taut as a flat surface with just a small puncture in the material as a hint of a drain. Mimicking the properties of the life-fostering fluid, this unique kitchen appliance is the perfect minimalist masterpiece for your home.Flexible WashbasinsFlexible Washbasins43. Iconic Eyewear Art

What do Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Gandhi and Andy Warhol all have in common? If you said, “A signature pair of glasses,” then you would be absolutely right. For an artistic interpretation of their famous frames, check out the Moxy Creative ‘Framework’ posters.Iconic Eyewear ArtIconic Eyewear Art

42. See-Through Luxury Marquees

Are you one of those people for whom the term “roughing it” while camping means bringing as many domestic luxuries with you as possible? If so, then this transparent Bubble Tent by designer Pierre Stephane Dumas is for you.See-Through Luxury MarqueesSee-Through Luxury Marquees

41. Flipped Facial Shoots

At first glance the Thorsten Schmidtkord “Head on Top” photo series kind of freaked me out. but once my eyes adjusted to what was going on, it was pure enjoyment.

The Thorsten Schmidtkord “Head on Top” project switches up the facial features of the subjects, by putting the top of their heads on the bottom of the image.Flipped Facial ShootsFlipped Facial Shoots40. Titillating Tatts

Uncle Allan’s vivid use of color, intricate detailing and his imaginative mind make his works a force to be reckoned with.

The Copenhagen-based artist has been tattooing since 1999, is the current owner of ‘Conspiracy Inc.’ and delves into watercolor as another choice medium besides his artistic tattoos. If you happen to be in Copenhagen in the near future, muster up your courage and get inked by this amazing artist.Titillating TattsTitillating Tatts39. Futuristically Sleek Supercars recently featured the awaited arrival of the Audi A9. This baby is a modern revamp of the Audi A-series and is absolutely wicked to see. Not only is its design super sleek and smooth, the wheels even light up.

The arrival of the Audi A9 is scheduled to hit the roads in 2015; however, it is possible that more refinements will be made until its programmed release. The 300HP engine, coupled with a 3.0 TFSI engine, will drive you to another dimension where luxurious supercars meet to gloat and show off all their best assets.Futuristically Sleek SupercarsFuturistically Sleek Supercars38. Marvelous Magnified Beauties

Brandon Showers is an achingly hip photographer with an unlikely beginning in a Farm in Ohio. Since then, Brandon Showers has spent around a decade between NYC and LA, shooting various spreads of scintillating models, suggestive food photography and overall imaginative spreads.Marvelous Magnified BeautiesMarvelous Magnified Beauties37. Zombified Blockbuster Art

When Matt Busch says “Hollywood is dead,” he is not referring to slumping box office numbers or talentless cookie-cutter actors on screen. ‘Hollywood is dead’ is actually the title of his art series, depicting famous movie characters as zombies.Zombified Blockbuster ArtZombified Blockbuster Art36. Vibrantly Inked Agendas

The 2011 Tattoo Art Fair Calendar is guaranteed to spice up any plain wall in your home.

The 2011 Art Fair calendar features some very badass shots of tattoo-covered models. Based on some of its sample photos, this calendar is definitely eye-catching to say the least. Full of vibrant color and interesting designs, this 2011 Art Fair calendar shot by Julien Lachaussée will leave you speechless.Vibrantly Inked AgendasVibrantly Inked Agendas

35. Eerie Underwater Assemblies

Jason de Caires Taylor’s ‘Silent Evolution’ in Cancun Mexico is finally complete, composed of 400 human sculptures nine meters below the ocean’s surface. Each life-sized figure has a distinctly unique appearance with an extraordinary amount of details, leaving the viewer truly affected by these still submerged souls.Eerie Underwater AssembliesEerie Underwater Assemblies34. Marvelous Mobile Photography

The photography by Aik Beng Chia is already amazing, with impeccable composition skills and a great eye for color; however, the truly impressive thing about the work that Aik Beng Chia does is that it’s all taken with an iPhone.Marvelous Mobile PhotographyMarvelous Mobile Photography 33. Numberless Watches

An accessory doesn’t have to be practical for someone to want to wear it, so even though the Infinity Piece may look like a watch, does it really need to be one to have its wearer fully appreciate it? Instead, it is a nice reminder to breathe and take in life rather than to be constantly on the go.

Numberless WatchesNumberless Watches32. Haute Punk Fashion Spreads

The ‘Dark Knights’ editorial by Christian Rios for Runway Magazine mixes haute fashions with punk influences and achieves great results.

The shoot features models Rina, Kyle Ledeboer and Nick Lacey in rugged and dark setting, clad in leather, suits, dresses and spikes. Huge spikes, on bracelets, masks and on some of the clothing. For a look at the rest of ‘Dark Knights’ by Christian Rios, check out the gallery.Haute Punk Fashion SpreadsHaute Punk Fashion Spreads31. Obscenely Oversized Mattresses

I’ve heard of boutique hotels that have commissioned designers to create one-of-kind rooms, but the Llove exhibition takes it to a whole new level. An extensive art installation, it is also a working albeit temporary hotel that encourages guests to stay at least one night to fully appreciate each work of art.Obscenely Oversized MattressesObscenely Oversized Mattresses30. Digital Workdesks

In a sleek and technologically-infused design, the Table Connect for iPhone might be the coolest desk thus far.

For Apple users who would like to see their screens in the ultimate size, this digital desk is a 58-inch multi-touch surface that accepts iPhone 4 connections via a 30-pin dock connector, creating a gigantic iPhone. The Table Connect for iPhone is captivating—it’s like a smartphone on steroids!Digital WorkdesksDigital Workdesks29. Inky Illustrated Expressions

Spanish artist Manuel Rebollo is a renowned artist, especially for his fashion illustrations. Having already released a collection of amazing pieces, his works were recently featured on Trendland, through which he expertly experimented with portraiture and hair.Inky Illustrated ExpressionsInky Illustrated Expressions28. Bad Girl Inktography

Photographer Stuart Mitchell definitely knows how to get the most out of subjects with zero inhibitions. Masked gun-totting girls covered in tattoos may not win points with the Sunday school set, but they definitely make for some great models.Bad Girl InktographyBad Girl Inktography27. Famous Family Makeovers

These featured Daekazu illustrations depict famous families or groups from pop culture, redone in anime images. From the ladies of ‘Desperate Housewives’ to a compilation of famous couples like Edward Scissorhands and Kim, these images are definitely fun to look at.Famous Family MakeoversFamous Family Makeovers26. Customized Macho-Man Vehicles

Like many modern sport vehicles, the Gillet Vertigo.5 Spirit started out on the race track. Since it has amalgamated into the city streets, this vehicle has gone through an insane makeover. It can now be fully customized to fit your taste in any aspect.Customized Macho-Man VehiclesCustomized Macho-Man Vehicles25. Illustrated Life Manuals

If you’re a bit fuzzy on how to make a baby, prepare crystal meth or be a good friend, these hilarious IKEA how-to guides will instruct you.

Complete with IKEA-esque names for each lesson, these manuals helpfully lay out all necessary tools and components to succeed through some of these once- or thrice-in-a-lifetime experiences. I had always wondered how to make a hadron collider at home, and thanks to these IKEA how-to guides I’ll be up for a Nobel Prize.

Illustrated Life ManualsIllustrated Life Manuals24. Sleek Customized Supercars

At the upcoming L.A. Auto Show, Mercedes will present the spectacular supercar ‘Biome Concept,‘ developed by Mercedes Design Studio California. Hubert Lee is responsible for the dynamic and futuristic form of the four-seater vehicle.

Ecologically and bionically inspired, the visionary design is based on the avant-garde idea that every car is created of customized and programmed seeds of necessity.Sleek Customized SupercarsSleek Customized Supercars23. Blended Peopletography

There isn’t anything quite like this collection of Frederik Heyman photographs. His trippy, unique vision makes for interesting works of art beyond conventional imagination. The use of black ink to manipulate the pictures without digital enhancement warps the mind to an alternate dimension.Blended PeopletographyBlended Peopletography22. Deceptive Chalk Art

Mr. Hou is a Chinese artist who has gained recent Internet fame with his amazing 3D chalk art. Dubbed the ‘Chalk God’ by his fans, Mr. Hou is described as a “regular Joe” with a penchant for creating breathtaking chalk art.Deceptive Chalk ArtDeceptive Chalk Art21. Portable Personal Shelters

The Topeak Bikamper is a compact tent that uses bicycle handlebars instead of tent poles for support. The lightweight tent is made of fully waterproof 70D ripstop nylon, has three windows and packs down to an easy-to-carry size.

Designed to be used with a 26” mountain bike or a 700C road bike, the Topeak Bikamper makes a perfect portable shelter for serious bicycle tourists. Check out this convenient piece for yourselves in the featured gallery and see how it works.Portable Personal SheltersPortable Personal Shelters20. Buoyant Eco Abodes

Those looking for a “one-with-nature” experience should live in the Floating Studio Flat. Built and designed to be used within inland waterways, this humble abode with its float-on-water capabilities will have you feeling in-touch with your natural side. Who wouldn’t love to go to sleep to the rippling sound of water?Buoyant Eco AbodesBuoyant Eco Abodes19. Surreal Stardust Spreads

Elizaveta Porodina is a photographer whose work is surprisingly impressive for an artist of such young age. Porodina’s portfolio exemplifies all that is good about youth: imagination, the ability to think outside of the box, and the willingness to take risks.Surreal Stardust SpreadsSurreal Stardust Spreads18. Food Fashion Photography

A Korean artist named Sung Yeonju has an impressive display of dresses she’s made entirely out of food.

The series, appropriately titled ‘Wearable Foods,’ is a magnificent portrayal of food in its raw state (with the exception of the fried egg dress). So far she has used ingredients like radishes and lotus roots to create one-of-a-kind dresses that will blow anyone away. These are definitely some of the coolest photographs I’ve seen of food transformed into fashion pieces.Food Fashion PhotographyFood Fashion Photography17. Underwater Hipster Snapshots

The photography of Kassia Meinholdt focuses on young, fresh-faced females with a definite hipster vibe to them. The single subject photography features bright backdrops and often employs natural light.Underwater Hipster SnapshotsUnderwater Hipster Snapshots

16. Miniature Urban Abodes

In the middle of New York City’s West Village, a ‘MEKA ALP320’ home seems to have materialized. The prefabricated dwelling is just one miniature model within the modular luxury housing company’s repertoire.

At 320 square feet, the small-scale ‘MEKA ALP320’ home is made of a shipping container, and incorporates 70% recycled materials into its dwelling finishing details. Complete with natural bamboo and cedar stripping, designers Christos Marcopoulous and Jason Halter have truly outdone themselves. If they’d set one of these down in my neighborhood, I’d be a very satisfied squatter!Miniature Urban AbodesMiniature Urban Abodes15. Spine-Tingling Editorials

The Jeffrey Wang “Identity” photo project is full of imagess that immediately grab and hold your attention. At first glance, they may simply appear to be some well put together but frightening shots.

When you hear the story behind the Jeffrey Wang “Identity” photo series, you will see it in an entirely different light. The artist’s statement below provides an in-depth breakdown of the subject’s identity.Spine-Tingling EditorialsSpine-Tingling Editorials14. Acronym Pop Art

The WTF Project is a hilarious series of those confused moments we all go through on a daily basis.

In a collection of color-blocked art pieces, these images display a different “WTF” scenario. Bubbled sayings above a deer’s head caught in a rifle’s view or a skateboarder flying through midair with nothing to catch his landing are some of the funny images that this WTF Project contains. Take a look through the gallery and have a chuckle.Acronym Pop ArtAcronym Pop Art13. Aquarium-Encased Stairs

London is renowned for small living spaces, which makes projects like the Tamir Addadi Architecture ‘Loft Access’ undertaking all the more captivating.

The owners of the slender Islington Victorian house requested a more accessible and permanent approach to their attic, and incredibly, in a tight nook of 140cm by 90cm, this painted steel staircase was made possible.Aquarium-Encased StairsAquarium-Encased Stairs

12. Surreal Suspended Photography

The photos found in the series ‘Levitation’ by Lovec Snov are both haunting and elegant. Wrapped in crisp, white silk sheets that seem to cling to her ghoulish form, the muse looks sexy and spooky simultaneously.

Surreal Suspended PhotographySurreal Suspended Photography11. Solitary Sensual Shoots

For the month of November 2010, these are the Top 50 art and design trends, which include Surreal Suspended Photography, Solitary Sensual Shoots and Hipster Homage Photographers. The rankings are based on millions of views and 2052 new trends.Solitary Sensual ShootsSolitary Sensual Shoots10. Hipster Homage Photographers

ecause of my interest in this outlandish photographer, this featured ‘Best of Terry Richardson’ photograph list by GQ Magazine instantly caught my attention.

GQ has put together some of their favorite shots by the hipster photographer within this interesting series. These include pictures of Evan Rachel Wood, Megan Fox, Kobe Bryant, Jessica Alba and other sexy celebrities. This ‘Best of Terry Richardson’ photo series is definitely captivating to say the least.Hipster Homage PhotographersHipster Homage Photographers9. Amazing Adolescent Photography

I recently found Mary Robinson’s Flickr and immediately fell in love with her photographs. Using a Canon AE-1 and an artistic eye, Mary creates a dream-like world out of her surroundings. Mary Robinson goes on photoshoots with her friends and documents her life in 35mm film.Amazing Adolescent Photography

Amazing Adolescent Photography
Amazing Adolescent Photography

8. Explosive Liquid Shoots

These Edward Horsford ‘Popped Water Balloon’ high-speed photos are stunning.

Amazingly, he does this alone, without even the aid of Photoshop. Horsford states that the trick is all in the timing of the flash. Setting a timer on his camera and hoping that the flash fires within time is how he gets his perfect image. The timing is just right in the Edward Horsford ‘Popped Water Balloon’ photo set. Each popping freeze is very captivating and definitely makes a big splash.Explosive Liquid ShootsExplosive Liquid Shoots7. Surreal Pencil Artistry

An artist named Fredo has a knack for amazing 3D works of art, as demonstrated in his collection of pencil drawings. They are reminiscent of Escher drawings, but with a more modern take. What makes Fredo so unique is his use of physical objects to give life to his pieces. The intricate use of his medium requires patience and a talent like no other.Surreal Pencil ArtistrySurreal Pencil Artistry6. Doe-Eyed Cartoon Pin-Ups

I’m loving these paintings by Caia Koopman; each doe-eyed painted pin-up is covered in tattoos and oozes sensuality. We’ve seen several digital takes on modern pin-up girls, but these paintings are immaculate.

Caia Koopman graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Since then, she’s spent time in the snowboarding and skateboarding scenes; these influences are present throughout her work. See the gallery above for more samples of her work.Doe-Eyed Cartoon Pin-UpsDoe-Eyed Cartoon Pin-Ups5. Gender-Bending Photodocumentaries

This photographic series by Evan Witek takes the viewer through the daily life of Sam Brett. Sam is a philanthropist and a general hard worker with a standard day job; however, at night, he becomes the sparkling Samantha Vega. Evan Witek follows Sam’s every step throughout one day, from one life to the other.Gender-Bending PhotodocumentariesGender-Bending Photodocumentaries4. Artistic Self-Portraits

Photographer Anxiety Explosion has decided to put herself in front of her own camera as the subject of this photoshoot. These amazing shots turned out so well that the bespectacled, tattooed artist may even want to consider a career in modeling.

Artistic Self-PortraitsArtistic Self-Portraits3. Minimalist Dual-Exterior Homes

The House in Sevres by Colboc Franzen & Associes provides the concept of having two homes in one. With a lower level where the exterior is primarily made of glass, and an upper level whose exterior is mainly made of wood, the difference between the two floors is a clear focal point in this design.

My favorite part about The House in Sevres by Colboc Franzen & Associes is the floor-to-ceiling windows on the outside of the lower level.Minimalist Dual-Exterior HomesMinimalist Dual-Exterior Homes2. Tricked-Out Batvans

The Japanese custom van show is an insane congregation of crazy creative individuals doing crazy car things. I mean, have you ever seen a van looked as tricked-out as these ones?

Located on the Fuji Speedway, these vehicles are definitely both intriguing automobiles and intricate works of art. See these crazy vehicles for yourselves in the featured gallery and prepare to be amazed at their incredible designs!Tricked-Out BatvansTricked-Out Batvans1. Everyday Magic Photography

0-year old Ezgi Polat’s body of work is nothing short of spectacular. This young photographer from Germany uses a manual film camera and develops and scans her own negatives, allowing her to have full control of the color and exposure of her photographs.

What I love most about Ezgi Polat’s photos are the textures and tones. They are so nostalgic and remind me of those old photographs you find in your grandmother’s attic, the ones that are full of memories. I hope you find Ezgi Polat’s photographs to be just as beautiful as I did.

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