Top 5 Best Drones That Are Currently Up For Sale

Whether they are used for military or domestic purposes, drones are highly practical and innovative devices that aid in exploration, photography, mapping and entertainment. And even though they might have been quite expensive and inaccessible for the common individual at some point, we’re happy to announce that drones are now completely accessible, and better yet, they come in many different shapes and sizes according to their different purposes. If you want to find out a bit about the most incredible drones currently available on the consumer market, we invite you to have a look at the following list.

5. Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Even though it’s been 2 years since it was launched officially, the AR Drone 2.0 is still one of the most incredible aerial consumer robots in the world. Featuring a classic design based on four propellers, this stunning gadget is equipped with an HD camera complemented by a wide-angle lens, which means that it the perfect companion for any photography enthusiast out there. The AR Drone 2.0 is very easy to control but it does have some weak spots, mainly since it does not feature a ground-facing camera. However, due to its versatility and great practicality, this little drone definitely deserves a spot on our top 5.

4. Aerial Cinema Systemby Drone Dudes

Featuring impressive names and an even more impressive looks, these spectacular aerial robots were created specifically for aerial film-making, which means that they pack some very high quality equipment as far as cameras are concerned. The Novocopter Cinema System is linked directly with the Novo Camera by Radiant Images, and so it boasts a series of interchangeable lenses. The Octocopter is a much more versatile little thing that can carry almost any video equipment you can think of up into the air as long as it doesn’t exceed 12 pounds. The basic configuration of the Octocopter includes a CF Red Dragon.

3. DJI Phantom 2

The DJI Phantom 2 might seem quite affordable on a glance, but if it is bought by a video-making enthusiast, it most definitely needs a series of upgrades in order to show off its full potential. These include a DJI Phantom 2, an iOSD mini and a camera gimbal for stability purposes. However, once these requirements are met, the DJI Phantom 2 really spreads its wings and shows off its versatility. The drone can be controlled manually or can be set on a flight path by using an iPad with a 16-waypoint Ground Station system. With price tags of $679 or $959, this drone is definitely not cheap, but it is worth every penny as long as it is used right.

2. Lehmann LA100

At no.2 we have the Lehmann LA100 – a fully autonomous UAV that features its own app which allows its user to program its flight path according to a series of suggested altitudes and trajectories. For safety, these flights boast a maximum length of just 5 minutes, but that’s still quite enough time to capture some pretty incredible footage. Designed to be used with the GoPro camera, this drone can be equipped with 2 cameras at once, and it comes in 3 main versions with 3 different price tags. These variants are named LA100, LA200 and LA300, each flaunting prices of $990, $2,490 and almost $4,000 respectively. The high-end models are named LM450 and LP960, and they cost $5,900 and $6,990 respectively.

1. Flexbot

The Flexbot is special because it can be piloted with a simple smartphone or tablet. Another important thing to consider is that this drone is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most accessible at the moment, and even though it doesn’t come with its own camera, it can easily carry one thanks to its clever design. The Flexbot also comes with a pair of FPV glasses that allow the user to see “through its eyes” for an incredibly immersive experience. With prices varying between $49 a $69 and $159, the Flexbot is a highly customizable drone that can be reprogrammed for various tasks as long as the user knows how to alter the open-source code embedded within its software.

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