Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 4)

1. Solitary Sensual Shoots

Australian photographer Jono Winnel has mastered his skills with the camera, producing works that are fantastic photographic journeys through urban surroundings. Winnel is able to delve into mixed media and different styles of photography, resulting in these outstanding prints.

Jono Winnel is also able to play around with lighting to compose unique pictures. This series of photographs are simplified solitary moments, where the small joys in life are celebrated artistically and literally.


Top 20 Trends of the DaySolitary Sensual ShootsSolitary Sensual Shoots

2. Glamorous Rockstar Legwear

With unique and undeniably glamorous designs, the Planet Blue accessories collection is full of fun surprises.

Taking typical jewelry pieces to modern and edgy new heights, these Planet Blue accessories are guaranteed to perfect your rockstar look for any occasion.

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Glamorous Rockstar LegwearGlamorous Rockstar Legwear

3. Vulgar Girltography

Photographer Potapov Evgeniy is able to capture humorous moments in this featured collection. Whether they are portraying vulgar tees or drunken falls, these images are definitely captivating in its content. The heavy use of light and shadows makes this series both artistic and visually appealing.

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Vulgar GirltographyVulgar GirltographyVulgar Girltography4. Technological Footwear

Shoes in themselves can be expressive, but what about a shoe that expresses your very own distinct personality like the Ultimate Bespoke Shoe? Created by Dutch designer Cedric Fiazinski, these super high-tech fashionable shoes leave your personal “brand” and individuality on your shoes.

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Technological FootwearTechnological FootwearTechnological Footwear5. Customized Macho-Man Vehicles

Like many modern sport vehicles, the Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit started out on the race track. Since it has amalgamated into the city streets, this vehicle has gone through an insane makeover. It can now be fully customized to fit your taste in any aspect.


Customized Macho-Man VehiclesCustomized Macho-Man VehiclesCustomized Macho-Man Vehicles

6. Cosmopolitan Couture Spreads

The Grey Fall 2010 edition features this fabulous fall spread by Stefania Paparelli. The shoot presents the adorable Kirby Kennedy rocking some of autumn’s hottest looks while running around town, frolicking in the fall air.

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Cosmopolitan Couture SpreadsCosmopolitan Couture SpreadsCosmopolitan Couture Spreads7. Sensual Lampshades

Intimate Lighting created by Ladislava Repkova consists of three lamps that represent love.

Each of the lamps were created to relate to a certain definition of intimacy. Lamp ‘Relationship’ shows close connections and the confidentiality of two people.

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Sensual LampshadesSensual LampshadesSensual Lampshades8. Eerily Meticulous Statues

Artist Tip Toland crafted a series of human sculptures to artistically educate the public about the notion of beauty and how it is perceived. Since the image of beauty plays an integral factor in popular culture, it generates issues of self-consciousness and debatable topics.

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Eerily Meticulous StatuesEerily Meticulous Statues9. Gender-Bending Gemini Spreads

This spread by Matthew Brookes for Vogue Turkey November 2010 is an androgynous series with a set of what looks like identical twins. However, the two models Andrej Pejic and Jana Knauerova aren’t actually related by blood.

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Gender-Bending Gemini SpreadsGender-Bending Gemini SpreadsGender-Bending Gemini Spreads10. Ethereal Lodging Spaces

If you happen to be in Berlin any time soon, be sure to check out the Propeller Island City Lodge. Every thematic room within the hotel is worlds away from the ordinary and promises an awesome stay.

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Ethereal Lodging SpacesEthereal Lodging SpacesEthereal Lodging Spaces11. Camouflaged Cardboard Boxes

This series of installations by Cayetano Ferrer is a ferociously imaginative set of street art. Ferrer sets boxes down around random locations and paints them to blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

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Camouflaged Cardboard BoxesCamouflaged Cardboard BoxesCamouflaged Cardboard Boxes12. Classy Transformer Furniture

The Aero Bed & Lounger from Ventury Paris is without a doubt one of the classiest pieces of transformer furniture that I have ever seen. This bed is comprised of two rectangular pieces that can be put together to create a variety of couches, sofas, and beds.

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Classy Transformer FurnitureClassy Transformer FurnitureClassy Transformer Furniture13. Leggy Starlet Spreads

With the latest installment of the highly anticipated ‘Harry Potter’ film hitting theaters this month, many people will want to know more about the leading stars in this franchise: enter the Emma Watson Marie Claire editorial. Full of great photos that shows off her new short do, this spread touches on everything from family to freedom.

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Leggy Starlet SpreadsLeggy Starlet SpreadsLeggy Starlet Spreads14. Foliage Fashion Tees

Wearing one of the t-shirts from the Zero Footprint Shirts: Leaf Series is definitely one way to make a fashion statement.

Created by Brooklyn-based designer and artist Dave Rittinger, the Zero Footprint Shirts: Leaf Series features tees made out of different colored leaves.

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Foliage Fashion TeesFoliage Fashion TeesFoliage Fashion Tees15. Seductive Stepford Celebs

Hollywood sweetheart Rachel McAdams stole our hearts in the epic love story ‘The Notebook,’ and she continues to do so in the Rachel McAdams InStyle November 2010 spread. With seductive Stepford wife-inspired hair and donning retro fashions, the hot young starlet is bound to be the star of many male fantasies with this spread.

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Seductive Stepford CelebsSeductive Stepford CelebsSeductive Stepford Celebs16. Haute Urban Photography

Featured on the Ones2Watch website, model Madeleine Welch poses in wicked couture in the editorial dubbed ‘All American.’ Welch is featured in fashions from Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Dior Homme, all styled by Aya Funakoshi.

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Haute Urban PhotographyHaute Urban PhotographyHaute Urban Photography17.Sickly Siren Spreads

The Harper’s Bazaar Turkey November 2010 issue features a non-conventional spread of medicinal value. Wiola Kowal poses as a patient for this pictorial by Koray Birand. Appropriately titled ‘The English Patient,’ the spread features Wiola Kowal being wheeled around in a wheelchair by a yummy man, donning an oxygen mask and wearing a neck brace.

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Sickly Siren SpreadsSickly Siren SpreadsSickly Siren Spreads18. Wrapping Cord Rings

With the One Less Tangle ring, I’ll be able to listen to my music instantly, without the trouble of untangling my earbuds.

Designed by Budtrap, the One Less Tangle ring attaches to your MP3, providing a simple spot to clip your cord after you’ve wrapped it securely around your player. Managing your earphones has never been easier!

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Wrapping Cord RingsWrapping Cord RingsWrapping Cord Rings19. Serene Subconscious Couture

Daniella Hod is the emerging designer behind the ingenious Generation Insomnia line. The lookbook for the new line ties right into the collection’s theme of various levels of consciousness and soft sensations, with brightly-lit, blurry images of dreamy models.

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Serene Subconscious CoutureSerene Subconscious CoutureSerene Subconscious Couture20. Dizzying 3D Spreads

The Marie Claire Brazil November 2010 issue is achingly current as it jumps on the trippy 3D bandwagon… sort of. In all seriousness, the spread does not require you to wear 3D specs, it just appears that way because of a double-color effect used on the smoldering sexy model Paolla Rehmeier.

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Dizzying 3D SpreadsDizzying 3D SpreadsDizzying 3D Spreads

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