Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 31)

Exquisite Sandy Styles

20. Intricately Spacious Homes

Mauricio Fuertes is a professional photographer who has the pleasure of shooting some truly remarkable home interiors, although it must be difficult at times not to be jealous.

From thoroughly modern abodes to more traditionally decorated retreats, in this colorful collection, Mauricio Fuertes clearly demonstrates an uncanny ability to bring bright and vivid life to indoor spaces and to make them seem as cheerful and clear as if they were in direct sunlight.Intricately Spacious HomesIntricately Spacious Homes 219. Peacefully Pleasant Pictorials

The Elle UK March 2011 editorial is peacefully beautiful. The model gives off a sensually serene vibe that makes you long for sweet summer nights. The flirty fashion includes long and gorgeous flowery dresses and the ubiquitous socks-with-heels combo.

The full-banged model looks so comfortable lounging in her pretty dresses! Be sure to check out the effortlessly flirty fashion featured in the Elle UK March 2011 issue above.Peacefully Pleasant PictorialsPeacefully Pleasant Pictorials 1

18. Signpost Coat Racks

Imagine you’re found yourself inside the front door of an immense mansion—how useful would it be to have this Traffic Jam Clothes Hanger in the foyer? Designed by Vukašin Vukobratovic of Serbia, this didactic coat rack will point you in the direction of any room in the house you require.

The clever Traffic Jam Clothes Hanger is also made with street signs that direct visitor buildup from entranceways and reception areas in restaurants, bars and hotels. Completely removable, swappable and adjustable, each signpost marker has coat hooks attached so you can remove your jacket and progress to your destination without interrupting pedestrian flow.

Photo Credits: DesignboomSignpost Coat RacksSignpost Coat Racks 117. Architecturally Morphing Minds

Looking at first like extraordinarily intricate sketches, Double Exposures by Dan Mountford was created thanks to the artist’s incredible photography and editing skills. Creating his images in-camera, the Brighton University graphic design student uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to bring these jaw-dropping juxtapositions to life.

Double Exposures by Dan Mountford brings human subjects, iconic urban elements, landscapes and everyday objects together in remarkable ways.Architecturally Morphing MindsArchitecturally Morphing Minds 116. Exquisite Sandy Styles

Beige has been given a bad rap, and one look at the Massimo Dutti SS11 campaign will reveal the sassy attitude that can come with such sophisticated styles of creme and khaki.

Photographed by Hunter & Gatti, this sandy spread emphasizes safari-chic ensembles that will have you looking for adventure this summer. With a wardrobe composed of the Massimo Dutti SS11 line, you can acquire that smoldering edge exhibited by Danny Schwarz and Ieva Laguna.Exquisite Sandy StylesExquisite Sandy Styles 115. Rotary Cloth Slicers

Quilters and seamstresses will appreciate the AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter. The 8-punch rotary slicer turns strips of cloth into delightful shapes with a simple turn of the handle.

Using special AccuQuilt dies, a broad collection of cutout forms can be made quickly, efficiently and conveniently. The AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter could be perfect to take on trips to the country or the cottage.Rotary Cloth SlicersRotary Cloth Slicers 114. Sinuous Sliver Architecture

Why live in a glorified box, when your home could take the long and meandering form of the O House by Hideyuki Nakayama? Located in Kyoto, Japan, this unique property solves the challenge of a long lot with a slim and sinuous floorplan.

Featuring two storeys’ height at the front of the dwelling, the O House by Hideyuki Nakayama Architects produces the effect of two lengthy stacked corridors that lead from a panoramic view of the neighborhood, to a quiet inner lair for living. Complete with wrapping spiral staircases, an enchanting garden and an enormous curtain that must be about 10m tall, this suburban abode provides the ultimate paradozical experience.

Photo Credits:

DesignboomSinuous Sliver ArchitectureSinuous Sliver Architecture 113. Avant-Garde A-Line Looks

The best of the past and the promise of the future merge in this mesmerizing editorial called Labyrinthe by Greg Kadel. With sharp styling by Patti Wilson, the lovely model Julia Saner takes on a ravishing razor-edged appearance.

Set in front of a reflective metallic backdrop, Labyrinthe by Greg Kadel plays with intense lighting effects that complement bold color choices. Flaunting ensembles that include Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, the February 2011 issue of Numero Magazine showcases structured and form-fitting styles that are here to stay.Avant-Garde A-Line LooksAvant-Garde A-Line Looks 1

12. Instant Vacation Advertising

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to win the lottery, and I’m quite sure this experience is captured perfectly in these DDB Lotto 649 ads.

Designed by the Canadian advertising agency, these transforming prints suggest your average office Joe can go from a cubicle to the Caribbean with a simple purchase of a lottery ticket and a fortuitous pick of the final numbers. As pictured in the DDB Lotto 649 campaign, oxfords transform into flip-flops and a swivel chair becomes a poolside lounger.Instant Vacation AdvertisingInstant Vacation Advertising 111. Video Game Nail Varnishes

I don’t know many video gaming enthusiasts with a soft spot for fake nails, yet behold this collection of Super Mario Bros. manicures! There are many more where these came from, but the thing that puzzles me more than level four is how one can operate the Nintendo controller effectively with such extensive cuticle decoration.

Nevertheless, die-hard gamer boys and girls must find a creative outlet somewhere, and these Super Mario Bros. manicures ensure this nerd-tastic nail polish art form satisfies the fashion quota as well.Video Game Nail VarnishesVideo Game Nail Varnishes 110. Gamer-Avatar Comparisons

‘Alter Ego’ by Robbie Cooper approaches that phenomenon by examining the relationship between online gamers and their avatars.

‘Alter Ego’ by Robbie Cooper features a myriad of gamers from all over the world and from all walks of life. Each is an MMORPG (Massivevly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) player who spends anywhere from eight to 80 hours a week in-game as their virtual self in games like Lineage II, World of Warcraft and even Second Life. Robbie Cooper’s project proves that online gaming is not limited to one type of person, age group, ethnicity or occupation.Gamer-Avatar ComparisonsGamer-Avatar Comparisons 1

9. Delicate Spanish Lookbooks

Linen and lace make delightful, delicate looks for springtime, and the Osyho SS11 campaign highlights them at their best.

Featuring the youthful Australian beauty Bambi Northwood-Blyth, these summery spreads capture the Spanish brand’s lighthearted flavor of ensembles that keep you cool while looking hot. The bleached sunny looks of the Osyho SS11 campaign do well to show off a little glowing, tanned skin.Delicate Spanish LookbooksDelicate Spanish Lookbooks 18. Shimmering Sunset Shoots

The Edita Vilkeviciute Numero 120 spread proves there’s nothing better than shooting beautiful looks under the natural sunlight.

Lensed at just the right time of day, Vilkeviciute glows against the picturesque sunset. The photo shoot also plays with shade and shiny reflections. The brilliant sun sits behind the model in just the right spots to illuminate the Edita Vilkeviciute Numero 120 spread.Shimmering Sunset ShootsShimmering Sunset Shoots 17. Fantasy DSLR Add-Ons

The Bokeh Kit lets you easily shoot creative nighttime photographs with dazzling special effects. In Japanese, the word “bokeh” means “blurred,” and this technique is one of the hottest themes in digital photography. Blurry fashion editorials and out-of-focus landscapes bring an evocative, mysterious and haunting mood to any image.

The Bokeh Kit consists of 21 black filters, which resemble stencils with various shaped cut-outs including airplanes, butterflies and paw prints. The filters simply attach to your DSLR camera lens with an elastic band.

By aiming your camera at a source of light, such as a candle, streetlight or even car headlights, and using a shallow depth of field setting, the results with the Bokeh filter are a softly blurred, glittery, twinkly fantasyland.

The entire Bokeh Kit costs only about $25 and also comes with a blank sheet for you to design your own custom filters by cutting out silhouettes of your choice.Fantasy DSLR Add-OnsFantasy DSLR Add-Ons `6. Fun-Loving Flashback Lookbooks

Spring fashion means a fresh start to many, yet the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS11 collection offers a delightfully nostalgic flavor. Rainbow stripes, adorable floral patterns, pleated shorts and high-waisted bikinis color this youthful campaign happy.

Photographed by Juergen Teller, models Ginta Lapina, Andrej Pejic and Jaco van den Hoven provide these summery spreads with a spirited and relaxed look that gives the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS11 campaign the label’s continuous appeal.Fun-Loving Flashback LookbooksFun-Loving Flashback Lookbooks 15. Wild Animal Runways

Designers such as Valentino, Dior, Givenchy and others took inspiration from the animal kingdom during last week’s Haute Couture Spring 2011 shows. From Givenchy’s bison-inspired headdresses to Christian Dior’s corvid-mimicking gowns and masks, there was no shortage of wild designs on the catwalk.

Avian, aquatic, reptilian and wild animal fashions gave a glimpse of “spring fever,” with some of the most stunning of these animal-inspired fashions including Valentino’s interpretation of the jellyfish and Dior’s elegant ostrich dress.Wild Animal RunwaysWild Animal Runways 14. Computer Kama Sutra

There have been countless comical renditions of the ancient Indian text, but KamasutraLap by Gezeta is one of my favorites. Starring simplistic stick figures holding various positions with their laptops, this collection of illustrations is definitely good for a laugh.

Depicting a common and publicly appropriate activity in such ways that are reminiscent of sexual instruction manuals, the KamasutraLap by Gezeta asks you which position you prefer.Computer Kama SutraComputer Kama Sutra 13. Sensual Watercolor Illustrations

Los Angeles based artist Cate Parr creates beautiful watercolor fashion illustrations. Detailed, beautiful and colorful expressions are the hallmarks of this unique illustrator, who offers her illustrations in the form of originals and prints via her Etsy shop, Silver Ridge Studio.

Cate Parr’s designs are reminiscent of the early days of cinema, vintage theater posters and the early covers of Vogue magazine. See more of Cate Parr’s work above or visit her Etsy shop for a complete selection of her unique illustrations.Sensual Watercolor IllustrationsSensual Watercolor Illustrations 1

2. DIY Eco Trikes

If you want an example of love and dedication, check out the pedal-powered Porsche model above. A team of Porsche lovers created a do-it-yourself pedal-pushing replica based on a toy model.

Probably the most eco-friendly car on the road to date, the pedal-powered Porsche model is essentially a three-wheeler covered in expertly cut cardboard that has been structured and then painted to look just like the luxury sports car. The results are just mind-boggling.DIY Eco TrikesDIY Eco Trikes 11. Raw Feminine Photography

Photographer Hugh Lippe captures images that are beautiful and ethereal while revealing the raw, natural beauty of his portrait subjects. These portraits show minimal makeup, tousled hair and relaxed, natural poses. Soft curves, natural expressions and stunning yet soft lighting add a poetic, painterly quality to these images.

Lippe’s portraits hint at something timeless and universal: a glimpse into subtle emotions where the women almost appear to be caught off-guard. The delicate posing of the models lends a poetic feel to these photos.Raw Feminine PhotographyRaw Feminine Photography 1