Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 25)

Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 25)

Cut-Out Fashion

20. Storm-Proof Shirts

This new Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt looks like a classic button-up shirt, but is also designed to withstand a few hours in the rain. This performance shirt is made from 100% Egyptian cotton fibers, making it comfortable to ride in. The breathable, stretchable fabric is tailored into a fine-looking dress shirt, perfect for those cycling to work or a function.Whether you’re caught in the rain, splash through a puddle or spill your morning coffee, the Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt will ensure you show up looking good.

Storm-Proof ShirtsStorm-Proof Shirts 2Storm-Proof Shirts 119.Poorly Named Pageants

Miss Fat and Beautiful may be one of the most literally named beauty pageants ever. Every year in Beersheva, Israel, a new queen is crowned. The only requirements to win are a weight of over 176lbs.

While I don’t agree too much with the name, I do love the idea behind Miss Fat and Beautiful. Modeling agent Esterica Nagid organized the first pageant fifteen years ago amidst much resistance. Over time, the pageant has become a hit, with women all over the country traveling to Beersheva to compete. Take that, Miss America!

Poorly Named Pageants 2Poorly Named PageantsPoorly Named Pageants 118. African-Inspired Editorials

It’s easy to identify where UK-based photographer Kevin Mackintosh developed his sense of cultural identity. Mackintosh left Africa 15 years ago and his work prominently displays an influence from his background.

Whether he’s photographing elephant-riding models or beach-trotting balloon babes, the spread by Kevin Macintosh is highly-dynamic and captivating. Kevin Mackintosh has had his work printed in L’uomo Vogue, American Vogue, Exit, Dansk, GQ and Hermes. Take a look through the gallery to see some of mackintosh’s awesome work.

African-Inspired EditorialsAfrican-Inspired Editorials 2African-Inspired Editorials 117. Solo Hotel Party Pics

Eudes de Santana captured some crazy, fun-loving moments for OZON Magazine. The model Elisa Raats looks like she was having a blast at Hotel 987, where the shoot took place.

The tiny model is featured half-dressed most of the time, scampering about the hotel room in a wild manner. Eudes de Santana used really bright lighting in the photos, which suggest that the photo shoot was done at night… possibly after a wild night of partying.

Solo Hotel Party PicsSolo Hotel Party Pics 3Solo Hotel Party Pics 216. Combat-Ready Gadget Cases

You don’t have to be ex-military member to protect your iPhone or iPad with one of these Military Uniform Cases. Etsy merchant Blythe King handcrafts these cases and covers out of actual military uniforms.

I can’t think of anything more badass than pulling your iPhone out of a case made from a sergeant’s uniform. If you’re a military member or if just want to toughen up your gadget, then you need to check out Blythe King’s military cases.

Combat-Ready Gadget CasesCombat-Ready Gadget Cases 1Combat-Ready Gadget Cases 3Combat-Ready Gadget Cases 215. Gothic Belly-Baring Fashion

The belly-baring ladies wearing all black look like little witches in this Golden Lucille editorial shot by Andy J. Scott. The models wear bra-like shirts, long, golden necklaces and big fur coats.

The photographs are mysterious, with dark lighting and black duds. Set inside a cabin within the forest, it may make you wonder what these two are up to! Andy J. Scott did an incredible job in capturing the right mood within the photos.

Gothic Belly-Baring FashionGothic Belly-Baring Fashion 1Gothic Belly-Baring Fashion 214. Bike Gang Lookbooks

By now many of you might be familiar with the Nike Varsity Destroyer jacket, but until you’ve seen the Tim Barber Nike Destroyer lookbook, I don’t think you knew just how badass it is.

Taking the retro route, the Tim Barber Nike Destroyer catalog shows bike gangs at their finest. Through the camaraderie of like-minded individuals, there’s a sense of belonging that has always been associated with the classic Letterman jacket, yet Barber makes sure not to fall down the nostalgic and sentimental hole too far.Bike Gang LookbooksBike Gang Lookbooks 1

13. Cut-Out Fashion

The Stella McCartney Spring 2011 campaign starring Joan Smalls and Malgosia Bela is adorably doll-like. It is reminiscent of those little paper dolls you could dress up using cut-outs.

Joan Smalls sports a business suit, while Malgosia Bela is decked out in a citrus fruit frock. This ad is the work of a creative genius and will surely draw a lot of attention. Take a look for yourself and see what you think!Cut-Out FashionCut-Out Fashion 112. Stylish Surgical Shirts

Wataru Yoshida is a graphic design major at Tama Art University who seems to have taken a fancy to the inside of bodies. His appropriately-named series Body is comprised of hand-made illustrations creatively put together on a series of blank tees.

The designs by Wataru Yoshida combine human architecture with modern inspiration. When he was drawing them up, he was sure to use the finest lines possible to mimic how exact and minuscule some human body tissue is.Stylish Surgical ShirtsStylish Surgical Shirts 111. Adultized Finger Painting

Judith Braun is a talented artist who creates intricate patterns on canvas—with her fingers. Braun completes her work via four rules: ugraphite, square paper, abstraction, and bilateral symmetry. The results are beautifully-drawn, symmetrical patterns with a free-flowing aesthetic that can at times be trippy and hypnotizing.

While most remember finger painting as a time in kindergarten making stick figures and houses, Judith Braun has brought this elementary art form back in style.Adultized Finger PaintingAdultized Finger Painting 110. Color-Coded Men’s Fashion

The Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign features a treasure-trove of gorgeous models including Clement Chabernaud, Harry Goodwins, Julius Gerhardt and Kim Dall Armi.

Photographed by Willy Vanderperre, this flawless campaign shows off bright color-blocked shirts, fine shoes and hot shades. Fans of color can rejoice, because there will be a lot of it this upcoming season and this Prada Menswear campaign proves it!Color-Coded Men's FashionColor-Coded Men's Fashion 19. Stylish Kinky Dens

When looking at Mike Meire’s ‘Back Room—Adults Only,’ one realizes this isn’t the place to arrange a child’s play date. The German designer unveiled a collection of dark furniture with hints of sexual connotation during the Imm Cologne fair. Most of the furniture shown is of the kinky persuasion—complete with black leather, zippers, and chains.

The inspiration for Mike Meire was to challenge the certainties and beauties of conventional furniture by contrasting them with pieces that have a darker alter-ego.Stylish Kinky DensStylish Kinky Dens 1

8. Smart-Art Advertising

Consilium Medicum has a new ad campaign out for its magazine, which targets medical professionals. The tagline reads, “What you see is what you know,” and features famous artworks with medical terms written by different parts of the body.

The one piece of art most people will recognize is the Mona Lisa. The advertising agency from which this creative Consilium Medicum ad comes from is Twiga, Kiev in Ukraine.Smart-Art AdvertisingSmart-Art Advertising 17. Disaster-Safe Eco Housing

Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects demonstrate with this vibrant and sustainable residence that they can effectively juggle appearance, the environment and safety into one consummate architectural whole. The house is a marvel crossroads between the three concerns and sits over a meter above the ground in order to protect it from major flooding.

In addition to working to prevent the house from being dramatically impacted by natural disasters, Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects also outfitted the house to make a similarly light impact on its surroundings. With a solar-powered water heating system and a photovoltaic power generator, the residence is a positive example of solid ecotecture.Disaster-Safe Eco HousingDisaster-Safe Eco Housing 16. Intricate Animal Illustrations

Teagan White, currently a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, creates beautiful illustrations that display a perfect blend of fine arts and graphic design. Her illustrations are intricate and full of whimsical charm.

From formally dressed-up owls to runaway wombats, Teagan White’s work is fun and enchanting. Her works have a slight vintage look that makes you feel like you’ve seen them before. What really draws me in to the works of Teagan White is that it feels like I’m looking at old storybook characters that I’ve only ever imagined.Intricate Animal IllustrationsIntricate Animal Illustrations 15. Sunning Femme Photography

South Africa-based photographer Sivan Miller has a remarkable talent for capturing the essence and beauty of her models in stunning, vivid pictures. The photos that she takes are sensual and seductive and give the observer a gimps of the souls of these beautiful women.

Cast mainly in softer lighting, the images by Sivan Miller have a gentle feminine touch that goes beyond the models. The framing, lighting, posing and everything else about these photographs have that distinct female flair that is so inviting.Sunning Femme PhotographySunning Femme Photography 14. Playful Foodtography

It appears as though Los Angeles-based photographer Stephanie Gonot was never taught not to play with her food. Her photographs are quirky and playful, ranging from eye-covering cookies to lollipop clusters.

As much as I love these photographs by Stephanie Gonot, the inner food junkie in me squirms at the thought of wasted Popsicles, ice cream and burgers. Take a look through the gallery to see the playfully tasty images.Playful FoodtographyPlayful Foodtography 13. Playful Pretty Boys

Arthur Sales and Francisco Lachowski heat up the room in for issue #2 of Coitus Magazine. The boys were photographed by Greg Vaughan in open shirts and striped blue skivvies. Clothing choices include flowery Hawaiian prints and striped tanks and shirts.

With silly faces, pleasing pecs and tanned ripped abs, these guys are sure to make any girl giddy. Browse through the Coitus Magazine pictures and I know you will smile!Playful Pretty BoysPlayful Pretty Boys 12. Swan Lake Fashion

The Denisa Dvorakova Ballet Shoot for Vogue Russia February 2011 is as elegant as ever. Dvorakova was photographed by Jason Schmidt amongst a number of pretty ballerinas. The belle of the ballet wears long beautiful gowns with feather accessories.

Dvorakova rules the stage front and center in her hot chic fashions as the others look on. The lighting used in the shoot is absolutely stunning! This is one fashion spread you won’t want to miss out on!Swan Lake FashionSwan Lake Fashion 11. Subtly Evocative Photoshoots

When it comes to some fashion photography, the reigning philosophy can revolve around aggressively sexualized shots that cram flesh down your throat, but this collection of Olivia Graham photos doesn’t ascribe to that ethos.

Instead, the artist finds subtler and less jarring means by which to convey a softer sensuality that is no less present but which is altogether more skillfully presented. Personality cannot help but exude from each Olivia Graham photo here and in that way more is being communicated than mere physical sensuality.Subtly Evocative PhotoshootsSubtly Evocative Photoshoots 1Read more on:

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