Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 20)

Doll-Like Celebs

20. Fishing Fashion Advertising

If you’re filthy rich, fashion sure is for the taking! These Burjuman Luxury Shopping Mall ads confirm the ease at which one can acquire splendid style—though they definitely communicate more clearly with an extremely wealthy class.

Nevertheless, parts of these promotional prints do ring true universally: one can always make her style her own statement. Created by Tonnit Design Dubai, these Burjuman Luxury Shopping Mall ads remind fashionistas that perusing through the selection that this center has to offer is like fishing in a crowded pond.Fishing Fashion AdvertisingFishing Fashion Advertising 119. Shipping Package Kicks

These Civic Duty shoes are bound to be a fast fashion trend if they’re anything like the reliably speedy materials they’re made from!

The sneakers, styled like Chuck Taylors and Keds kicks, are created using recycled and dyed FedEx envelopes, making them both fashionable and unique. Waterproof, durable and reasonably priced between $54 and $59, these Civic Duty shoes will make you want to reduce, reuse and return your usual runners for these eco-sneakers!Shipping Package KicksShipping Package Kicks 1

18. Disguised Digital Art

Jonathan Budenz’s anthropomorphic art is often better recognized as the psychedelic graphic design of Jobundenz. Using the skills he’s picked up as an art director within editorial and advertising work, the artist has a knack for creating trippy transmutative pieces that merge humans, animals and objects.

Building the surreal strength of images on repetition within the composition, the graphic design of Jobundenz takes on a more confronting stance than any single subject within a frame. Giving faces masks that hide their identities, these mixed-media images create a chilling and evocative viewing experience.Disguised Digital ArtDisguised Digital Art 117. Lipstick-Wearing Men

The contrast between traditionally masculine outfits and unorthodox male makeup in the Vivienne Westwood AW11 Men’s collection is rather fetching if I do say so myself. I like my men to be manly, but there is something particularly macho about a man who is confident enough to rock ruby red lips like those seen above.

Considering that the Vivienne Westwood AW11 Men’s collection itself is rather safe and conservative, the cosmetic route is an interesting way to step up the runway show.Lipstick-Wearing MenLipstick-Wearing Men 1

16. Unbranding Parody Graphs

This ‘Starbucks to the Future’ image plays mischievously with the company’s tendency to slightly minimize their logo every few years.

Though not everyone is a fan of this concept, unbranding has become a major shift in advertising strategy over the past few years. ‘Starbucks to the Future’ captures this consumer frustration in the best way possible with satire. The resulting image is playfully humorous, while making an important observation all the same.Unbranding Parody Graphs15. Shocking Newborn Exercises

Lena Fokina is a Russian yoga teacher who has caused a bit of a stir in the blogosphere because of her teaching methods and her subjects.

As it turns out, Lena Fokina teaches “baby yoga” and her methods revolve around grabbing little babies by their tiny legs and swinging and flipping them around her body and head like a discus.

Naysayers on the blogosphere have denounced Lena Fokina and accused her of child battery, abuse and everything under the sun. I personally grimaced a lot when I saw the video for the first time. Check out the featured video and decide for yourselves whether this odd form of exercise should be deemed unacceptable.Shocking Newborn ExercisesShocking Newborn Exercises 114. Eco Breathing Benches

Like any design junkie, I have a soft spot for dual-function furniture, and the Lite-On Fresh-Chair is a prime example of a skillful seat. The fungal-formed umbrella shape of this green bench shelters worn-out walkers from sun and rain, and collects these natural resources to feed an internal shaft of shrubs.

The plants within the circular public bench breathe out cool refreshing air on sweltering sitters in summer months, and the same byproduct is harnessed to power integrated LED lighting throughout the seating space. The Lite-On Fresh-Chair is truly another genius green design that succeeds to satisfy solutions to several challenges simultaneously.Eco Breathing BenchesEco Breathing Benches 113. Majestic Image Manipulations

Wojciech Magierski is one of the most creative and brilliant graphic designers I have ever come across. Hailing from Poland, he has a passion for creating and designing graphics, and is incredibly fond of photo manipulation and illustration.

Wojciech Magierski’s works are all extraordinarily unique. Some are colorful and cheery, while others are dark and ominous. My favorite Wojciech Magierski piece features a T-Rex, so make sure you check it out!Majestic Image ManipulationsMajestic Image Manipulations 212. Bohemian Nomad Photography

As with most professional photographers out there, Gustavo Marx creates work that is very dependent on lighting. Of course, by the looks of his impressive portfolio, he is particularly experimental when it comes to lighting and post-production.

Born in Brazil, Gustavo Marx is currently based in New York City. Not only has he photographed fashion campaigns, but his work was also recently featured in Cake Magazine.Bohemian Nomad PhotographyBohemian Nomad Photography 1

11. Somber Self-Portraits

In the Yulia Gorodinski Melancholy series, the Belarus-born artist proves she is the perfect photographer and model package in one. Her incredible collections of self-portraits are expertly composed and evoke a diverse array of emotions. The images from Melancholy are serene, daring, innocent and erotic. Her choice to exclude her face from most photos adds to the ability to appreciate each image in its entirety, without focusing on the subject alone.

The Yulia Gorodinsku Melancholy Collection has fused sensual portrait and landscape photography into a well-crafted self-shot series.Somber Self-PortraitsSomber Self-Portraits 110. Sultry Pomegranate Pictorials

Brendan Zhang is doing his part to put pomegranates back on the map in this ‘The Lament of Persephone’ spread. In Greek mythology, Persephone is the wife of Hades and queen of the underworld. Persephone was tricked into eating a pomegranate which caused her to have to live one-third of the year in the underworld with Hades.

With this background story, ‘The Lament of Persephone’ definitely makes a little more sense. Zhang’s modern interpretation of Persephone’s anguish is flawless, presenting the mournful Greek goddess in a gorgeous light.Sultry Pomegranate PictorialsSultry Pomegranate Pictorials 19. Doll-Like Celebs

What I like in particular about this featured Jennifer Aniston Allure cover shoot is that it portrays a very different side of the famous actress. Never afraid to tap into a different side of herself or take on a unique look, Aniston has captivated many fans with her different forms of beauty.

Photographed by Michael Thompson, the Jennifer Aniston Allure editorial will be part of the magazine’s February 2011 issue. Accompanying her child-like look is an interview that touches on her old Rachel hairdo and her recent film choices.Doll-Like CelebsDoll-Like Celebs 18. Stone-Scrambling Swimsuit Ads

The best way to advertise women’s swimsuits is to capture lounging and bathing beauties, but in true masculine fashion, the Kyle King Swimwear SS11 collection is promoted through a series of smoldering action shots.

The Ford model in these photos scale a cliff in his trunks. The dynamic range of movement seized in these rock-climbing snapshots succeeds to picture every angle and aspect of the Kyle King Swimwear SS11 line.Stone-Scrambling Swimsuit AdsStone-Scrambling Swimsuit Ads 17. Intricate Paper Frocks

After a long semester of study in texture and form, 50 multidisciplinary Pratt Institute’s School of Art and Design students were challenged to dress Ralph Pucci’s mannequins entirely in paper. The stunning fashion paper works created during this project are now part of an exhibition titled ‘Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci,’ available to be viewed in Pucci’s Gallery Nine Showroom .

Furthermore, these paper dresses and sculptural pieces within the ‘Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci’ exhibit can also be seen at the displays of some famous stores like Macy´s New York.Intricate Paper FrocksIntricate Paper Frocks 16. Elegant Bad Girl Shoots

An intriguing mix of styles are showcased in the Kendra Spears Vogue Russia issue, ranging from gothic looks to glamorous outfits.

Presenting unconventional fashions, the spread shows leather being used for both elegant gowns and jagged-shouldered biker jackets. The tough bad-girl designs come from Balenciaga, Givenchy and other hot brands, making the Kendra Spears Vogue Russia spread one badass editorial.Elegant Bad Girl ShootsElegant Bad Girl Shoots 15. Malleable Mobiles

Though the newest smartphones on the market have pretty much every feature we could dream of in a cellular device, they are still made as stiff, quite fragile machines. The featured AMOLED flip phone by Kristian Ulrich Larsen puts the “user” back in “user-friendly,” as it was designed for heavy and extensive play.

The AMOLED flip phone by Kristian Ulrich Larsen is comprised of three touchscreens as well as a QWERTY keyboard, all of which are held together by separate mesh hinges allowing the device full maneuverability without the risk of severe damage.Malleable MobilesMalleable Mobiles 124. Masculinized Apartments

Hom(m)e by K-Studios is a sleek and dapper apartment that was custom-designed for a single bachelor.

The design firm carefully analyzed its client’s needs, interests and personality to come up with this carefully catered apartment space. The result was a pad with two partitions: one private, one public, which are both heavily influenced by the owner’s love of sleek and expensive cars, as well as aerodynamic shapes and textures. Though perhaps a bit dark and ominous, Hom(m)e by K-Studios is still undeniably a successful product because it is perfectly tailored to its owner.Masculinized ApartmentsMasculinized Apartments 13. Humanimal Image Compilations

These Alex Castro Animal Portraits are interestingly odd and even a little creepy! The Mexican graphic designer combined animal portraits with people portraits to create an out-of-this-world mash-up that is guaranteed to turn heads.

With some mad photoshop skills, Alex Castro created these life-like images that I find to be rather awkward. Some animal heads suit the human body rather well however, such as the baboon and the mandrill. See these portraits for yourselves in the featured gallery!Humanimal Image CompilationsHumanimal Image Compilations 12. Adult Worker Ads

These featured Stepping Stone ads recently released by Extreme Group definitely display some clever shockvertising tactics.

Stepping Stone is an organization based in the Maritimes that helps out sex workers. They believe that sex workers have rights just as everyone else does and therefore deserve protection. These Stepping Stone ads by Extreme Group bring the message forward that sex workers are brothers, mothers and daughters too.Adult Worker AdsAdult Worker Ads 11. Extreme Digital Modifications

Self-taught Polish designer Maciej Hajnrich is a prodigy when it comes to photo manipulation. Having a vast amount of illustration, photo manipulation and graphics experience, he really likes to show off his talents.

These works of art by Maciej Hajnrich, who also goes by Valp, are beyond stellar. He calls himself a graphic illusionist and his portraits display just that. Check out the gallery to view these modern masterpieces within his portfolio.Extreme Digital ModificationsExtreme Digital Modifications 1Read more on:

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