Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 19)

Luxurious Poolside Campaigns

20. Bohemian Formalwear

The ASOS 2011 Spring Collection offers a fresh lookbook of ensembles that play with the idea of turning officewear on its head. Vests without shirts? Sneakers without socks? Handkerchiefs tied casually around the neck? Is this the anarchy of office attire? No, no, don’t worry! You can still keep your pin-striped suit.

Featuring pastel suit jackets and matching shorts, the ASOS 2011 Spring Collection is more suited towards the hip graphic designer or photographer rather than a financial consultant. If this is meant for everyday workwear, I can only imagine what one would wear for casual Friday.Bohemian FormalwearBohemian Formalwear 119. Luxe MP3 Watches

The Chrono Nano Wristwatch Strap from IPEVO turns your iPod Nano 6G into a luxury timepiece. Turn on the Nano’s time display, clip on the Nano, and you’re ready to command a room. Chrono supplies some serious style, and it’s a big step up from the cheap rubbery straps made for the kiddies. Plus, it’s super easy to equip and unequip—just clip ‘n’ go.

The Chrono Nano Wristwatch was inspired by vintage chronograph timepieces of the mid 20th century. This is a substantial piece of wrist candy—a strip of hand-sewn Italian calf leather with ivory stitching and surgical-grade steel buckles. Hemingway would definitely have given Chrono a manly grunt of approval.Luxe MP3 WatchesLuxe MP3 Watches 1

18. 3D Sculptural Literature

I love to read, so when I saw Book Origami by Issac Salazar, I saw literature in a whole different light.

Salazar transformed books into eye-popping literature—literally. With so many old books untouched, he decided that it was time to give them new life by turning them into works of art. The theme behind each piece is Salazar invoking encouragement and inspiration which truly shows with words such as ‘Love’ and ‘Faith.’ Book Origami is a must-see for art lovers and bookworms.3D Sculptural Literature3D Sculptural Literature 117. Luxurious Stone Hotels

Fasano Luxury Hotels has just recently opened its new hotel Las Piedras in Punte del Este, Uruguay. This unique and hip resort has already been booked solid! People now have to book a year in advance if they would like to experience Las Piedras.

Fasano Luxury Hotels wanted a resort that stayed in tune with its natural geographic landscape—thus all the rock-like features. Even though the hotel and rooms look like chunks of rock, they are absolutely beautiful inside.Luxurious Stone HotelsLuxurious Stone Hotels 116. Melancholy Model Shoots

This collection of Nadia Vodianova photos by Carter Smith shows a soft, tender and slightly more pensive side of the beautiful model.

The shoot chronicles the look and feel of a a road trip, but instead of adopting the tried and true care-free adventuring that would have been the obvious archetype to exploit, Carter instead mines Nadia Vodianova for a melancholic and reflective series of images that are eerily effective.Melancholy Model ShootsMelancholy Model Shoots 115. Sensually Smudged Lips

There is something not so innocent about the Hello Innocents photo shoot. There are innocent qualities about it, from the doe-eyed expressions to the simplistic set and lighting, yet there is also an edge to the series that adds intrigue and interest.

Photographed by Connecticut-born Joshua Pestka, the Hello Innocents photo series was shot for Ben Trovato. I think the edginess is largely due to the work of makeup artist Hiro Yonemoto. What do you think?Sensually Smudged LipsSensually Smudged Lips 114. Transforming Unicycles

BPG Motors’ latest UNO III unicycle was revealed at the CES 2011 at Las Vegas. The unicycle magically transforms into an elegant bike, which makes UNO III the World’s most flexible three wheeler.

The design of the unicycle is inspired by China’s congested and polluted urban areas and is so flexible that the rider can store it in their office and even easily fit into an elevator.

The UNO III has got a maximum speed of 35 mph and BPG Motors is planing to launch the vehicle by the year 2012.Transforming UnicyclesTransforming Unicycles 113. Vampiric Celeb Covers

The Kristen Stewart Vogue cover shoot shows a very mature and glamorous version of this stunning starlet. I think Twilight fans are going to get a particular kick out of them considering that they have a very Bella Swam feel to them—post vampire change, of course.

Captured by famed photographer Mario Testino, the Kristen Stewart Vogue cover shoot will grace the February 2011 issue. In this issue, she talks about the pressures of playing Bella Swan as well as losing her anonymity.Vampiric Celeb CoversVampiric Celeb Covers 112. Spicy Retro Spreads

Given the photographer’s vintage touch, few clues suggest that Night Fever by Sebastian Kim is not an authentic retro editorial. Lensed more recently, these spreads are featured in the 2011 issue of Vogue Germany.

Staring the lovely Ieva Laguna and Ilva Hetmann, Night Fever by Sebastian Kim captures stills of an edgy storyline, in which two glamorous women pose in sensual postures in form-fitting fashions.Spicy Retro SpreadsSpicy Retro Spreads 111. Cotton Candy Enclosures

Padded Cell was a tasty (surprising) and slightly twisted art piece by Jennifer Rubell that made its debut at a Performa Arts’ Red Party in November.

The Padded Cell had its walls and ceiling completely lined with Cotton Candy, which party-goers were allowed to eat upon entering. Meant as a succulent but subtle take on the hidden perils of pleasure, the piece was an enormous hit. Although Padded Cell is no longer on display, Jennifer has stated that more appearances are forthcoming.Cotton Candy EnclosuresCotton Candy Enclosures 110. Sci-Fi-Inspired Cars

With all the talk of lightcycles, I think it’s about time that the TRON Legacy Mercedes Blackbird car showed up.

The TRON Legacy-themed automobile was designed by Peter Vardai. One look at the picture and you’ll know that Vardai wanted the Mercedes Blackbird to look fast. The outline of the circuitry theme and its airplane streamline-inspired shape gives this bad boy a nice aerodynamic flow. The Mercedes Blackbird is one car that has the need for speed.Sci-Fi-Inspired CarsSci-Fi-Inspired Cars 19. Advertising Parody Blogs

‘Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising is a smart and funny new tumblr blog dedicated to showing things that people would never say about advertising. The blog is made up of photoshopped photos of people commenting on everything from off-brand copies to the joys of branded iPhone apps.

While marketing knowledge isn’t essential, it definitely is helpful in getting the humor of ‘Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising.’ Imagining real people looking for a call-to-action button or being excited about new brand positioning is actually a lot more fun than it sounds.Advertising Parody BlogsAdvertising Parody Blogs 18. Celestial Photo Shoots

Simon Procter’s ‘The Daystar Project’ is a beautiful set of photos in which there’s more than meets the eye.

Published under Vs magazine, the Daystar Project was inspired by French 18th century engraver Gustave Doré. In collaboration with Julian Blight and John Martin, Procter creates a heavenly setting that brilliantly captures still moments. What I love most about the Daystar Project is how behind each photograph there is a story to be told. How would you interpret what you’re seeing in the featured gallery?Celestial Photo ShootsCelestial Photo Shoots 17. Fiercely Feminine Photography

Joshua Pestka captures a remarkable range of subject matter and emotion in this collection of feminine photos.

With equal dexterity he seems to effortlessly move from serious to playful, and from straight-forward long-shots to up close portraits. While many artists stick to one or two tricks and rarely stray from them, Joshua Pestka seems to be equally effective throughout each shift in presentation style.Fiercely Feminine PhotographyFiercely Feminine Photography 16. Luxurious Poolside Campaigns

Stunning model Daria Werbowy soaks up the sun as she lounges in Salvatore Ferragamo spring 2011 couture, aimed to hit the stores quite shortly. Shot by Mikael Jansson, the campaign features the model decked out in Ferragamo’s latest attire, complete from bathing suits to long flowing dresses.

The sun-filled shoot is a simplistic approach to the upcoming collection. However, don’t let the campaign’s simplicity fool you—the Salvatore Ferragamo spring 2011 collection aims to please and will definitely run a nice bill on your next credit card statement.Luxurious Poolside CampaignsLuxurious Poolside Campaigns 15. Slick Stylish Offices

The Smog office by Sebastian Bravo is a place that anyone would love to work in. With Smog, Sebastian Bravo really stepped up his game. The wood ceiling provides the space with a naturalistic feel that’s a better alternative to dull ceilings. The white walls accentuates natural lighting providing a more comfortable setting.

The highlight of the room is the glass cubicle designed for conferences that provides privacy without total isolation. Who wouldn’t want to work here?Slick Stylish OfficesSlick Stylish Offices 14. Hippie Sequined Fashion

Although the Wildfox White Label Spring 2011 collection is rather retro in its hippy-ness, there is a punk edge introduced by way of bold sequined graphics and other tell-tale elements. It manages to create a great balance between pretty and grungy.

As a spin-off of the Wildfox label, the Wildfox White Label Spring 2011 collection is inspired mainly by Jane Birkin, while adding military and antique accents throughout. From simple tees to singlet-shaped dresses, this is a rather versatile fashion line that is both casual and chic.Hippie Sequined FashionHippie Sequined Fashion 13. Magical Photo Manipulation

hen it comes to infusing photography with a nuclear blast of vibrancy, these Ik-Yd images take the prize.

The photo manipulator’s artwork is a vortex of rich texturing, though it manages to avoid being obnoxious or over saturated. By carefully toeing the line between explosive imagination and controlled artistry, this collection of Ik-Yd images manage to be both exciting and tastefully appealing simultaneously.Magical Photo ManipulationMagical Photo Manipulation 12. Aged Cartoon Illustrations

The works of Germany-born artist Matthias Seifarth are pleasantly peculiar. His client list includes the likes of Rolling Stone and INDIE Magazine. His illustrations are well thought out and executed in a unique style that definitely stands out.

Some of Matthias Seifarth’s works include aging cartoon characters such as Wilma and Betty from the Flintstones and Betty Boop. Click through the gallery to see some of his other works which portray a bizarre and sometimes cynical world.Aged Cartoon IllustrationsAged Cartoon Illustrations 11. Sensual Bedside Females

British photographer Antony Nobilo is making a name for himself in his recent editorials—especially the ones featuring his lovely and beautiful models. Be it on a bed, poolside or soaking the sun, these models are definitely the ones that make this shoot very sensual.

His website features many female editorials, basically portraying his love and respect for women. His use of lighting and shadows highlight all the models’ fantastic features.Sensual Bedside FemalesSensual Bedside Females 1Read more on: