Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 18)

Sensual Theatrical Spreads

20. Ocular Hair Clips

I’m intrigued, but also a little freaked out by ‘Humans Since 1982’ and their latest creation.

Sweden-based designers ‘Humans Since 1982’ are known for creating some of the most far-out art and decor pieces. Their latest product is the ‘Hair Clip on Hair,’ a hair clip with a pair of female eyes attached to a niqāb headdress. I love the idea of it even though it can be creepy at times. Have a look at the ‘Humans Since 1982’ piece and see if you feel any different.Ocular Hair ClipsOcular Hair Clips 119. Vividly Explosive Art

For those who love vivid, busy, exciting art work, Kelsey Brookes is someone to check out.

Kelsey Brookes is a San Diego-based artist who really loves colors—most notably, pink. This artist’s illustrations are a vibrant mix of skeletal animals in crazy animated backgrounds that look like an out-of-control tie-dye shirt or shade explosion. Although Kelsey Brookes uses multiple colors, the fluorescent pink is the one that seriously shines.Vividly Explosive ArtVividly Explosive Art 118. Reverse Party Promos

Skins USA is making its debut on MTV this week. The teen drama, which first started off as a British series, follows a bunch of crazy high school youth who take their idea of fun to the next level.

The Skins USA trailer introduces you to the cast through a house party on rewind.The night spins in a confusing manner, showing particularly mysterious emphasis on the character Michelle.

This fun-fueled trailer gives viewers a glimpse of what they can expect from Skins USA this season.Reverse Party PromosReverse Party Promos 117. Beloved Cartoon Graphics

Therese Larrson’s art is successful technically, artistically, and captures a sense of wonderful nostalgia.

With warmth and vibrancy, this artist brings beloved children’s stories such as ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ or ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ back to life with careful attention to detail that fans of the two will recognize as true to their inspiration. But even when this illustrator’s subjects hail from different sources, the unmistakable heart of Therese Larrson’s artwork is still just as clear, vivid and wholly appealing.Beloved Cartoon GraphicsBeloved Cartoon Graphics 116. Bizarre Mystical Portraits

Marco Diaz is an Ecuadorian photographer with an uncanny ability to transcend the limitations of traditional photography.

This collection of photographs evocatively demonstrates Marco Diaz’s distinct creative vision through his mystical approach to portrait photography. Though each piece has its own unique style and atmosphere, there is still a unified theme of surreal mystery that connects pieces by Marco Diaz together. In this way, Marco Diaz manages to transform what might have been normal and unspectacular portraits, into rich images suffused with emotion and character.Bizarre Mystical PortraitsBizarre Mystical Portraits 115. Stripped-Down Furniture Designs

If you’re a fan of minimalist home decor then you’re going to fall head over heels for the work of William Raffredi. William Raffredi is an Italian designer who specializes in bare-bones shelves and lighting.

When I say bare-bones, I mean bare-bones. William Raffredi’s shelves and lighting are made with only the minimal amount of materials needed. In these hard times, inexpensive DIY design like this are needed more than ever. Why buy what you can build?Stripped-Down Furniture DesignsStripped-Down Furniture Designs 114. Steampunk Mask Fittings

Designer Richard Symons is no stranger to the absurd. With a fascination of skulls, cyborgs, and steampunk culture, Symons brings some interesting handmade oddities.

The Techno Masks by Richard Symons, although peculiar, scream killer craftsmanship and attention to detail. Any huge fan of cyborgs and steampunk styling will love to own one of these pieces of art.

These are definitely some awesome creations, I just wouldn’t recommend wearing the Techno Masks by Richard Symons outside.Steampunk Mask FittingsSteampunk Mask Fittings 113. 50s-Inspired Fashion Shoots

Looking at the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Collection by Richard Nicoll, there is a distinct 1950’s feel. In his first collection for the clothing line, Nicoll references the iconic 1950s Teddy Girls as photographed by Ken Russell. The muted color palette stays true to the period, as do the pointelle cardigans, vintage brooches and pompadour hairstyles.

The Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Collection by Richard Nicoll offers a look-back at bold feminine attitudes with a distinct modern twist.50s-Inspired Fashion Shoots50s-Inspired Fashion Shoots 112. Lonely Athletic Photography

Ramell Ross has some extremely exquisite pictures in his collection, with this particular set capturing people in private moments, whether it be joy, relaxation or sorrow.

My personal favorite is of the man carrying a tower of boxes. All of the featured images have a story to tell, making this Ramell Ross collection special in its own way. Check out the gallery to see how you’d interpret these photographs.Lonely Athletic PhotographyLonely Athletic Photography 111. Inspiring Exercise Ads

I really want to hit the gym after seeing Jennie Myers’ Lift Life. Lift Life is an ad campaign created for that pairs creative tag lines with rock hard bodies.

If you’ve been having trouble sticking to your new year’s resolutions, then you’ve got to check Jennie Myers’ Lift Life out. Not many things are more inspiring in life than a man doing back raises and a woman doing bicep curls.Inspiring Exercise AdsInspiring Exercise Ads 110. Spectacular Nature Photography

These Simon Christen landscape photos are a stunning testament to the beauty of our planet.

From snowy mountain tops to dark forests and arid deserts, what is most striking about this Simon Christen landscape photography is how unique each photo feels. Through a careful understanding of the nuances of his various settings, Simon manages to convey the exactly appropriate look and feel of each location with intimate accuracy that is wholly appropriate. This careful attention to detail, more so even than the spectacular landscapes themselves, is perhaps the most defining quality of his artistry.Spectacular Nature PhotographySpectacular Nature Photography 19. Exotic Eco Illuminators

The Grandelier is a fantastic eco-lamp made entirely from sustainable materials.

The grandiose implement is inspired by floral patterning, and is also surprisingly versatile. The Grandelier can either be hung from the ceiling like a chandelier, or placed on the ground upright like a lamp to provide a warm and vibrant ambiance of light. The Grandelier lamp is made from either carbonized bamboo or various other green sources, and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your needs.Exotic Eco IlluminatorsExotic Eco Illuminators 128. Sustainable Super Stadiums

The Grand Stade de Casablanca promises to be a revolutionary meeting of large sporting structures and the rapidly growing design tsunami that is eco architecture.

Set to be constructed in a giant abandoned quarry, the Grand Stade de Casablanca is being designed to resemble a glistening mineral. The final structure will also feature prominent perforated concrete “blades” that will encourage ventilation, provide shade and shelter for the garden oasis that will make up the interior of the stadium’s outer wall.

Expected to be finished in 2013, the mega stadium will be a literal sports paradise with a responsible eco footprint.Sustainable Super StadiumsSustainable Super Stadiums 17. Surreal Blended Paintings

I’m impressed with Istavan Sandorfi’s drawings because of the twist on a classical approach.

The Hungarian-born Istavan Sandorfi is an artist who focuses on realistic drawings that have an air of surrealism to them. His work often features females in drapes who appear to vanish or blend into their environment. I love the paintings because they’re peaceful, and yet, there’s this air of mystique. Although Istavan Sandorfi passed away in 2007, his work will stand the test of time.

Surreal Blended PaintingsSurreal Blended Paintings 16. Reality-Defying Artistry

Seattle-based artist Chris Engman combines photography, sculpting and installations to create some rather interesting pieces of work that allude to an unreal environment. Chris Engman uses wood as a major component in a lot of his work, either as the structure to hold up and display, or as the focal point and subject of his work.

Chris Engman plays with his surroundings to create art that stands out and invites a sense of wonder and intrigue. Click through the gallery to see some of his work, from Abandoned Crates to Landscape for Benjamin.Reality-Defying ArtistryReality-Defying Artistry 15. Fantastical Forest Photography

When it was first said that a picture is worth a thousand words, the speaker might as well have been talking about Aleksei Germanski’s work.

Each picture in this wonderful collection seems saturated with narrative, and after looking through them it’s almost impossible not to find yourself trying to fill in their stories. In this way Aleksei Germanski is as much a performer as a photographer, and achieves the ultimate reward of great photography by providing vivid sights and experiences that viewers can use to inspire imaginations.Fantastical Forest PhotographyFantastical Forest Photography 14. Sensual Theatrical Spreads

For a little spice and sensuality in spreads for magazines and advertisements, the fashion photography of Angelika Buettner instills cinematography within still images.

Working as a freelance photographer, the artist is capable of a broad range of styles, moods and subjects, but never fails to infuse each snapshot with a certain dramatic je ne sais quoi. The female fashion photography of Angelika Buettner frames such femininity, such elegance and such delicate depth that will always leave the viewer eager for more.Sensual Theatrical SpreadsSensual Theatrical Spreads 13. Frigid Facial Hair Hats

Beardo is a line of bearded toques created by Canadian snowboarder and winter enthusiast Jeff Phillips. We all know how cold our faces can get during winter, but ski masks aren’t always the best (or most fashionable) choice.

The bearded toques combine the look of quirky, yet fashionable facial hair with warm toques. The beards are also removable when you want that “freshly-shaven” look, and also come in a variety of colors to match your hair.Frigid Facial Hair HatsFrigid Facial Hair Hats 12. Bugged-Out Furniture

These strange-looking pieces of furniture by Michel Haillard were constructed with materials such as wood, bronze, silver, crocodile, ostrich skin and wild animal horns and tusks. The inspiration for these quirky pieces of furniture are insects (hence the larvae-like seats, the antennae-decorated thrones and so forth).

This infernal-looking furniture conceived by French ex-animator Michel Haillard, is truly unique. The artist quit his job to dedicate himself to this macabre trade.Bugged-Out FurnitureBugged-Out Furniture 1

1. Sandwiched Supermodel Spreads

Whether they’re her entourage, admirers or maybe just handsome arm accessories, these boys are loving Abbey Lee Kershaw in the Versace Spring 2011 Campaign. But who can resist this blonde bombshell as she showcases the latest collection from the haute couture brand?

This year’s stunning looks includes geometric cut-outs revealing slivers of skin in subtly sexy ways. The Versace Spring 2011 Campaign shows that you won’t just get one guy, you’ll get two boys to play with if you wear these sizzling styles.Sandwiched Supermodel SpreadsSandwiched Supermodel Spreads 1Read more on: