Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 1)

Pink-Lit Photography

20. Contemporary Culinary Classrooms

Designer cooking schools like the The Culinary Art School in Tijuana, Baja California and the Sydney Seafood School in Sydney, Australia are two schools that utilize amazingly unique design concepts.

If I were to pursue the life of a chef, these two designer cooking schools would definitely be at the top of my list of schools to apply to. For those that consider cooking an art, learning in such an environment can only be seen as a benefit. Check out the gallery to view these designer cooking schools’ designs.Contemporary Culinary ClassroomsContemporary Culinary Classrooms19. Transit-Taking Twins

The male models featured in the Benedikt Renc ‘Train’ photo series are probably not actual twins, but they might as well be since they are both so equally dashing and dapper.

Photographed by Dolce Vita magazine, the Benedikt Renc ‘Train’ photo series is made even more sophisticated with the sense of leisurely travel that is imbued in each shot. Unfortunately, the editorial doesn’t have as many images as one could hope for, so be sure to appreciate the images in the gallery thoroughly.Transit-Taking TwinsTransit-Taking Twins18. Fenced-In Homes

The Bamboo House adds a private look to homes, using a new design that looks interesting and stunning.

Unlike most fences, this one is completely made of bamboo shoots that reach as high as the sky. As it closes in on the house at very close proximity, it acts as the exterior’s second wall. This narrow-barred fence acts as a protector towards intruders, while still allowing the Bamboo House to be open enough to allow light into the home.Fenced-In HomesFenced-In Homes17. Deathly King Illustrations

I might be familiar with such famous Russian authors as Dostoyevsky and Chekhov, but now I’m intrigued to brush up on some ‘Russian Fairy Tales’ after browsing through these illustrations.

Drawn by Yana Moskaluk, the ‘Russian Fairy Tales’ series is dark, dramatic and captures the essence of each story it depicts. I know this because I get the gist of each tale without actually knowing it. Amazingly well-executed, the image of the girl cradled in a dragon’s lap is one I found particularly intriguing.Deathly King IllustrationsDeathly King Illustrations16. Winter Toque Photography

A winter outfit isn’t complete without the right winter toque to go with it. Alejandro Escamilla’s series of photographs shows just how wide a variety one has in order to find that perfect hat. A warm winter toque is essential for any long period of time spent outdoors during the colder seasons, whether you’re skating, skiing, or sledding.

Check out the gallery to see these Alejandro Ascamilla photos, capturing the essence and joy of the winter season and the winter toques that come with it.Winter Toque PhotographyWinter Toque Photography15. Historical Graffiti Novels

By now most have heard or seen the infamous Banksy movie Exit Through The Gift Shop. One of the consulting producers for the film and longtime graffiti writer Roger Gastman has recently debuted a project of his own—a book called ‘Tools of Criminal Mischief.’

‘Tools of Criminal Mischief’ is basically a history book that showcases the past and present of graffiti. With his vast knowledge of street art, Roger Gastman went though his personal archives to dig out visuals and stories that make up the contents of the book, covering street art all the way from the 1940’s to now. ‘Tools of Criminal Mischief’ is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide, so I suggest you place this one-of-a-kind book now before it’s gone.Historical Graffiti NovelsHistorical Graffiti Novels14. Majestic Stamp Rugs

Rug Maker has received the UK’s Royal Mail license to produce a unique series of rugs based on the iconic Queen’s Head postage designs by Machin. These majestic stamp rugs come in different sizes and colors which reflect the different price denominations. These majestic stamp rugs can be used both as floor and wall decorations.

The majestic stamp rugs are handwoven and hand-knotted in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal using 100% New Zealand wool. The highly skilled weavers are Tibetan and Nepalese. Rug Maker is proud of their GoodWeave certification which is issued only to rug and carpet makers which do not use illegal child labor.Majestic Stamp RugsMajestic Stamp Rugs13. Fox Fur Fashion

I can’t get over how adorable the characters in the Violeta Hernandez ‘Maquiavelica’ illustration series are. From their perfect and petite pouts to their tousled hairdos, the looks featured within these illustrations are all undeniably lovable. I have to say that I even like their live animal fashions, even if they do elude to un-PETA-friendly beliefs.

The Violeta Hernandez ‘Maquiavelica’ series was drawn using water paint, which gives it a soft and subtle finish. Enjoy this exotic portfolio via the featured gallery.Fox Fur FashionFox Fur Fashion12. Controversial Street Art

Blu, a secretive Italian, is famous for his amazing murals and graffiti the world over.

His distinctive comic book style sometimes deliver caustic messages against big corporations like the oil companies. One of his controversial street art creations is the smoking politicians mural, which was intended as a protest against political inaction towards pollution in Southern Italy.

Blu’s latest LA commission by the Museum of Contemporary Art is a controversial street art design twice over. His initial anti-war design for the project featured dollar bills covering military coffins, making quite the political statement. However, the Museum decided soon after to erase this piece of work. Blu has declined the offer to repaint because he considers this action as “mural censorship.”

Controversial Street ArtControversial Street Art11. Ski Mask Self-Portraits

A person might be able to tell who they are talking to thanks to the Identity Preserving Balaclava, but I fear that the wearer might not be able to determine who’s in front of them since there are no eye holes. Of course, this fact doesn’t really matter considering that this piece is more art than anything else.

Created by Andrew Salomone, the Identity Preserving Balaclava was made using an electronic knitting machine. By Photoshopping every angle of his head, the images were created and then stitched together to form a bitmap file that acted as the knitting template.Ski Mask Self-PortraitsSki Mask Self-Portraits10. Firing Range Photography

UK-based photographer Johnathan Minster has an interesting series of photographs entitled ‘Targets.’

In this series, Minster uses customized shooting targets, places them in natural/urban settings and photographs them. The figures in the targets are chosen based on the environment they live in. These are definitely a set of unique photographs as it is Jonathan Minster’s way of making a statement about how much violence is in our world.Firing Range PhotographyFiring Range Photography9. Bowling Ball Billiards

I love bowling and I love pool, so I think I should try to find Steve Wienecke’s number to thank him for combining the two.

Dubbed Knokkers, the world’s largest regulation-size pool table takes up Steve Wienecke’s backyard, using bowling balls instead of regular billiard balls. Although Wienecke is a probation and parole officer by day, he is an inventor at heart and hopes to see Knokkers on cruise ships and amusement parks in the near future.Bowling Ball Billiards8. Next-Gen Mobile Displays

Samsung is going to unveil two AMOLED prototype displays at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. These prototypes are specially designed for mobiles, PC monitors and televisions.

The first AMOLED display is a two-millimeter device with 800 x 480 resolution and it is one of the most flexible displays built for smartphones and tablet PCs.

The second prototype is the world’s largest transparent AMOLED display, featuring a quad Full High Definition resolution aimed at televisions and notebooks.Next-Gen Mobile Displays7. Anatomical Bike Furniture

Matt Shiley has created a series of chairs that have been built out of old discarded bicycle parts.

While there may be many recycled furniture pieces, these ones in particular aren’t as polished or glazed like most of the ones commonly seen. Instead, Matt Shiley’s chairs take more of a gritty, steampunk look which sets it apart from most eco furniture pieces I’ve seen. Check out the featured gallery to see some of Matt Shiley’s work.Anatomical Bike FurnitureAnatomical Bike Furniture6. Shelfed Seating

As far as multifunctional furniture goes, the MUS Sofa is perhaps one of the sleekest and sophisticated pieces I’ve ever seen. This minimalist seat features a side table that wraps around it like an embracing low-level shelf.

Designed by Francesc Rifé for KOO International, the MUS Sofa was inspired by the Nordic culture. It is able to accommodate many different purposes despite its deceivingly simple design. Perfect for family homes, it also adds character to any living space, making it both great to look at and practical.Shelfed SeatingShelfed Seating5. Wicked Transforming Vehicles

The third installment of Transformers is yet to be released, but three of the featured NASCAR Transformers Autobots from the movie have already hit Internet. The three autobots are believed to be representing the bot groups Decepticons and Stunticons.

Created around the Chevy Impala racing version and bearing a combination of red, blue and green colors, these NASCAR Transformers Autobots are guaranteed to steal the show when the movie comes out.Wicked Transforming VehiclesWicked Transforming Vehicles4. Sleek Sophisticated Showers

Designed by architect Paolo Bertarelli, the Do Re Mi showerhead features a contemporary look that is eco-friendly in design as well.

With its sleek and modern look, this showerhead is a trio set comprised of a few separate pieces. Mounting one, two or three showerheads to the wall offers a fully customized body washing experience with its three functions of rain, whirlpool and full dual blow. Build your own personal spa right in your bathroom with the Do Re Mi Showerhead.Sleek Sophisticated ShowersSleek Sophisticated Showers3. Badass Rocker Clutches

Sarah Burton did an amazing job with the Alexander McQueen 2011 Spring/Summer collection’s clutches and handbags.

The outfit-makers have McQueen’s traditional skulls with a twist of nature, featuring golden leafy and floral accents. The collection offers the legendary knuckle ringed clutch, small and studded cross body bags as well as full purses. This A-list Alexander McQueen 2011 Spring/Summer collection mixes femininity with edge and is sure to be seen on the red carpet. The legacy left by Alexander McQueen lives on.Badass Rocker ClutchesBadass Rocker Clutches2. Seductive Celeb Shoots

With the recent success of the blockbuster movie Tron, the featured main actress of the film is getting media coverage for both her role and her looks. This new Olivia Wilde Flaunt Magazine spread definitely proves that she can play the seductress role truly well.

As one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood right now, Wilde graces this editorial in sizzling hot poses. After seeing the success of this Olivia Wilde Flaunt Magazine shoot, you can undoubtedly expect to see more from this brunette beauty.Seductive Celeb ShootsSeductive Celeb Shoots1. Pink-Lit Photography

I’m loving the retro hint in the Tayfun Cetinkaya ‘Gizia 4G’ photo series. As though crossing the 50s with the 80s and then adding a contemporary finish, the spread is hip, chic and utterly captivating.

Other than its use of popping pink lighting, the Tayfun Cetinkaya ‘Gizia 4G’ photo series is rather simple. Focusing mainly on the clothes and the models, the Istanbul-based photographer does a great job at showcasing both, contrasting different pieces in these images as necessary.Pink-Lit PhotographyPink-Lit PhotographyRead more on:

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