Top 20 Trends of the Day (Feb 7)

Faded Bedroom Photos

20. Intricate Crowned Figurines

In an age when most personal possessions are the result of an assembly line, something as detailed and divine as the ‘Twenty to Midnight’ Doll becomes all the more engaging.

Handmade with porcelain by Marina Bychkova, this new ‘Enchanted Doll’ is a product of prescription sculpting, molding and painting. The ‘Twenty to Midnight’ Doll was embodies time herself, with an intricate bronze cast Rococo wig with rubies and a delicate clock tattoo.Intricate Crowned Figurines 1 Intricate Crowned Figurines

19. Sci-Fi Timepieces

The Solaris Series Concept Watches are incredibly futuristic-looking. I mean, each of the timepieces’ faces is out of this world. From axles to lasers, these watches could be used on set of the next big-budget sci-fi film.

Designed by Olivier Demangel for Tokyoflash, the Solaris Series Concept Watches are comprised of three different designs. The video above to see just how these solar-powered timepieces work. After that, be sure to browse through the gallery.Sci-Fi TimepiecesSci-Fi Timepieces 118. Low-Tech Minimalist Tablets

Those who want an iPad but can’t afford one should check out this cheaper alternative called the NoteSlate.

The NoteSlate is a minimalist tablet that’s similar to the iPad, only it can’t go online. Instead, the gadget is primarily used to record and save notes with its included pen. The device also has MP3 capability, complete with a USB, headphones and SD slots. It may not be an iPad, but with smartphones on the market, the NoteSlate really is all you need.Low-Tech Minimalist TabletsLow-Tech Minimalist Tablets 117. Scrumptious G-String Sweets

I’m absolutely in love with these heart-shaped Lingerie Sugar Cookies by Shelley. With an adorable design, the creative baker has turned biscuits into bras and thongs by reinterpreting her cookie cutters as bums and breasts.

Decorated in the most tasteful way imaginable—given also that I’ve gotten quite the craving—these busty Lingerie Sugar Cookies are posted on ‘How Does She?’ with helpful suggestions for how to create the delectable frills and fabrics.Scrumptious G-String SweetsScrumptious G-String Sweets 116. Surreal Beastly Paintings

The insanely imaginative work of Michael Page will have you making up wild and epic stories to go along with his energetic paintings. Looking at his artwork is like stepping into a portal to another dimension; vivid colors and chaotic surroundings make up each adventure-filled universe.

The intensity in his strokes and the genius interpretations of creatures make Michael Page’s work definitely worth looking at. Try not to get lost in his mystical imagery as you click through the gallery above.Surreal Beastly PaintingsSurreal Beastly Paintings 115. Delectable Brew Branding

It seems that product branding has taken a turn for the minimalist aesthetic, and Plain T packaging has followed suit. With such clutter and confusion on the shelves of supermarkets, it’s labels like these that are beginning to get attention as a moment of clarity amid chaos.

Designed by Aruliden, Plain T packaging takes on a simplistic look, true to the name of the brand. Marking the flavors by number and color, on each reusable bottle, box and bag of tea leaves, the brewed beverage’s image is good enough to drink.Delectable Brew BrandingDelectable Brew Branding 114. Chic Cigarette Packs

The packaging design for the Camel No 9 brand of cigarettes will make it a hot item for posh puffers.

Designed by Melyssa of Melncoly, these packs of smokes have a black crocodile leather print and an embossing effect that makes it look like luxurious leather. Snazzy magenta pink color is used to brand regular cigarettes, while turquoise represents the menthol option. With an ultra-femme look, the Camel No 9 smokes are sassy and chic.Chic Cigarette PacksChic Cigarette Packs 113. Vegetated Vixen Photography

Although the Genetically Modified Organism photo series is rather disturbing in all of its vegetated glory, I can’t help but be captivated by its cosmetic elements.

Photographed by Kimatica, the Genetically Modified Organism photo series mainly focuses on the perversion of food in society. Tying that in with the idea of aesthetic importance, the series is a clever concept that speaks about many issues in society.Vegetated Vixen PhotographyVegetated Vixen Photography 112. Tempting Motel Photography

There is something darkly alluring about the Room 17 photo series. Perhaps it’s the fact that it centers on a beautiful woman in a rather seedy motel, or the vulnerability of said beautiful woman and the anticipation that she is waiting for something.

Photographed by Michael Howard, the Room 17 photo series was styled by Amy Breen with makeup by Eryk Datura and hair by Shana Taylor. See more images from the shoot above.Tempting Motel PhotographyTempting Motel Photography 111. Self-Sustaining Houses

If a zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, the Windcatcher House is where you’d want to be.

Built by students from the University of Colorado at Denver using rammed earth and local clay, the Windcatcher House is a 1,100 square foot, two-bedroom home that supplies all of its own climate control, power and water needs. This is achieved through a clever passive design that regulates temperature and air flow into the home, a wind tower which generates energy and an extensive rainwater collection system.Self-Sustaining HousesSelf-Sustaining Houses 110. Record-Breaking Beach Babes

Turlock Native 6’8” model Amazon Eve will be heading to the Playboy Mansion for a Charity Event to support Autism Research. The model holds a Guinness World Record and has traveled all around the globe.

In her interview, model Amazon Eve talks about life and how it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. She is famous not only for her modeling but also for being a fitness trainer and wild dominatrix.Record-Breaking Beach BabesRecord-Breaking Beach Babes 19. Spectacular Spectacle Stores

Much unlike clothing stores, eyewear boutiques require a more minimal retail design, and the Kirk Originals Flagship Shop in London is a prime example.

Campaign, a company that specializes in branded environments, orchestrated this spectacular ocular store. Constructing one expansive wall of lens frames, the Kirk Originals Flagship Shop flaunts a web of peeping scaffolds and a storefront of winking eyes. Ensuring that customers’ focus is entirely on the eyeglasses, this simplistic yet intricate retailer redesign proves to be quite a visual delight.Spectacular Spectacle StoresSpectacular Spectacle Stores 18. Sensual Suite Spreads

Much of the world has already laid eyes up on the edgy video, but the Josephine Agent Provocateur print campaign has now been exposed.

Lensed by Johan Renck, this series of sultry spreads reveals the foxy redhead Josephine de la Baume, stripped down to showcase the British lingerie line’s latest collection. Channeling the total femme fetale image between the model, the sensuous undergarments and the cheap hotel set, the Josephine Agent Provocateur campaign brings these sexy looks to real life.Sensual Suite SpreadsSensual Suite Spreads 17. Layered Extraterrestrial Looks

I’ve never seen anything remotely like the Manuel Bolano SS11 line off the set of Star Wars. The eccentric sci-fi collection is the creation of a budding Spanish designer who is surely encroaching on international fashion with a big bang.

With an interest in a broad range of fabrics, patterns and cuts, the Manuel Bolano SS11 line seems to merge past and contemporary styles from the East and the West, crowned with gold headpieces and fringed with feathers. Extraordinary!Layered Extraterrestrial LooksLayered Extraterrestrial Looks 1

6. Saucy 60s Summer Lookbooks

The Victoria’s Secret angel’s February Vogue Italia cover has already been revealed, but brace yourself for these smoldering spreads of Candice Swanepoel by Steven Meisel.

Capturing the blonde bombshell in both bright color and black and white, these fierce retro photographs highlight the best of 60s fashion and the sexpot’s irresistible look. Skipping, jumping, smoking and posing, Candice Swanepoel by Steven Meisel makes a dynamic editorial with the facility to get anyone excited for spring.Saucy 60s Summer LookbooksSaucy 60s Summer Lookbooks 15. Anti-Gravity High Tea

Creating suspended subjects is by no means a new technique, yet the photography of Anka Zhuravleva has all the life and animation of a fresh portfolio.

The Russian experimental photographer posts her work on Deviant Art, revealing a selection of supernatural and fantastical compositions. The women captured in the photography of Anka Zhuravleva have been placed in like surreal circumstances; some of whom are even levitating in space.Anti-Gravity High TeaAnti-Gravity High Tea 14. Smooching Beauty Spreads

The Kemp Muhl Marie Claire UK beauty spread showcases spring’s new make-up must-haves for the March edition.

According to this spread, this year’s sultry looks are composed of pink pouts, smoky eyes and dewy skin. What is also hot from this shoot is that Kemp’s boyfriend snuck a smooch in-between pictures. Captured on camera, the passionate kiss adds to the alluring beauty trends from the Kemp Muhl Marie Claire UK spread.Smooching Beauty SpreadsSmooching Beauty Spreads 13. Faded Bedroom Photos

Delicate feminine beauty and seductive strength are jointly portrayed in the Boudoir photography of Cecilia Austin. The artist captures her stunning subjects in bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms, showing them at their most exposed.

With a soft hazy veil over each image, the intimate Boudoir photography of Cecilia Austin exudes an exquisiteness that succeeds still in revealing the profundity of each girl.Faded Bedroom PhotosFaded Bedroom Photos 1

2. Unrecognizable Makeover Shots

Until I came across these impressive pictures of make up artist Vadim Andreev’s work, I have to admit that I’d never really understood what a little (or a lot) of cosmetic assistance could do.

The dramatic transformations (because really, they can’t be considered anything else) featured in this collection are definitely a testament to Vadim Andreev’s amazing talents, although they nevertheless raise some important questions about what exactly constitutes ‘beauty’. Regardless of this fact, however, there is no denying that Vadim Andreev is one make up artist who definitely knows his craft.Unrecognizable Makeover ShotsUnrecognizable Makeover Shots 11. 3D Body Ink

Biomechanical tattoos are a genre of body modification that reveals “mechanical” and “robotic” images underneath the flesh that seem to be part of the human body.

The elaborate biomechanical tattoos are “rising very fast in popularity as the blend between man and machine is becoming ever closer. A relatively new style of tattoo, biomechanical tattoos use some of the most cutting-edge technology in the tattoo industry.”

I am not much for tattoos, but the awe-inspiring beauty of biomechanical tattoos cannot be denied.3D Body Ink3D Body Ink 1Read more on: