Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 7)

Multipurpose Bike Ads

20. Circuit Board Cityscapes

eplicating city skylines is nothing new, but Franco Recchia has put a futuristic spin on the concept. By using old computer parts such as circuit boards, Recchia has recreated miniature cityscapes of Manhattan, Boston and Pittsburgh.

An Italian artist, Franco Recchia essentially breathes new life into old computer components. Not only do his mixed-media sculptures show his skill and talent, they also demonstrate expert re-purposing.Circuit Board CityscapesCircuit Board Cityscapes19. Popping Abstract Paintings

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like the Flock Series. Although absolutely original, there are whispers of Henri de la Toulouse-Lautrec and Picasso in the forms, colors and overall feel of each piece from this collection.Popping Abstract PaintingsPopping Abstract Paintings18. Photographer Fashion Lines

Terry Richardson, the celeb photographer who has worked with everyone from Mike Tyson to Kim Kardashian has decided to delve into the world of fashion with the ‘Terry’ Jacket and Cap. The varsity jacket and cap prominently feature Richardson’s face and signature letting everyone know exactly who you’re wearing.Photographer Fashion LinesPhotographer Fashion Lines

17. Arachnid-Inspired Architecture

A stunning structure, the Webb Bridge is as practical as it is beautiful. Located in Melbourne, Australia, it is part of an art project that rehabilitated the previous Webb Rail Bridge.

Designed by Denton Corker Marshall and Robert Owen, the Webb Bridge was inspired by the Koori eel trap, which looks like a cylindrical wicker basket. Of course, you can’t help but be reminded of spiders due to the structure’s web-like appearance.Arachnid-Inspired ArchitectureArachnid-Inspired Architecture16. Interactive Gift Wrap

I’ve always felt bad that beautiful gift wrap usually ends up being destroyed in the process of opening presents—but QRapping Paper may change all of that. Instead of your typical shining, shimmering gift wrap, this tech-savvy paper is covered in QR codes that are actually scannable.Interactive Gift WrapInteractive Gift Wrap

15. Humdrum Super Heroes

With the growing popularity of superhero-themed merchandise, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘Real Life Super Heroes’ photo series featured actual people donning disguises to rid the world of evil.

Photographed by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac, ‘Real Life Super Heroes’ shows the power of pop culture and the innate desire for humans to protect others.Humdrum Super HeroesHumdrum Super Heroes14. Super-Feminine Stockings

These Sweet Marcel knee socks may be the perfect way to look chic and stay warm during the winter season. Though pants are recommended, every fashionista knows that sometimes, a little leg is necessary.

Considered to be “wearable art” by Texan designer Amy Anderson, these Sweet Marcel socks boast cute designs that are made in limited numbers as to encourage uniqueness and individuality. Made out of a cotton blend, they are as comfortable as they are pretty.Super-Feminine StockingsSuper-Feminine Stockings13. Napping Work Seats

I don’t think I have come across a greater work necessity than the Lay Flat Office Chair. With this office lounger, you’ll be astounded at how much healthier and happier you are on a daily basis.Napping Work Seats12. Terrorist Photo Ops

Dutch artist Helmut Smits’ work almost always dares to be dangerously controversial, but ‘Photo Tip’ definitely pushes the envelope. ‘Photo Tip’ is a new installation that lets people take a photo in front of a terrorist hostage-taker backdrop.Terrorist Photo OpsTerrorist Photo Ops11. Galactic Guy Fashions

The Christopher Kane SS 2011 collection is bold with graphics that nearly take you to outer space.

The new men’s line features big bangs and black holes from space printed onto t-shirts, knitwear and other pieces. The vibrant designs are refreshing, considering the generally solid-toned nature of menswear. Galactic Guy FashionsGalactic Guy Fashions10. Fashion Field Trip Spreads

In the holiday spread for New York Times Styles Magazine, a group of models clan together in a stylish outing, roaming about town.

Like a group of girlfriends on a field trip, these models are dressed to the nines in flirty frocks and vibrant colors. Fashion Field Trip SpreadsFashion Field Trip Spreads

9. Daredevil Architecture

If you’re the resident daredevil in your circle of friends and family, you’ll surely appreciate ‘Living on the Edge.’

Designed by Arjen Reas, ‘Living on the Edge’ is an architectural design that creates the illusion of dangerous living. Fusing simple, traditional concepts with a more modern house design, this rural, cubist creation is far from standard.

Daredevil ArchitectureDaredevil Architecture8. Bleached 60s Celeb Spreads

Images from the January issue of Vogue UK have been released, revealing the exquisite Keira Knightley by Mario Testino. Swathed in 1960s and 70s styles of big polka dots, beaded jewelry, funky finger rings and fierce red lipstick, the British actress makes a sensational subject to ring in the new year.Bleached 60s Celeb SpreadsBleached 60s Celeb Spreads7. Multipurpose Bike Ads

One look at the Knog Bike Locks ad and you will see why these ads are entertaining and brilliant. How many bike locks do you know of that can handle the weight of a car?

One of the brilliant components of the Knog Bike Locks ads is that they show how versatile the anti-theft devices can be.Multipurpose Bike AdsMultipurpose Bike Ads6. Murky Water Photography

Roman Goebel seems to enjoy capturing bits and pieces of nature as much as he loves to photograph fashion and attractive ladies. A versatile photographer, he also dabbles in black and white prints and colorful candid shots.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Roman Goebel worked as a producer for some of photographer’s heavy hitters such as Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh and Steven Klein. Murky Water PhotographyMurky Water Photography5. Erotic Inspiration Condoms

If you’re ever looking to buy condoms that have a little extra ‘kick’ in the bedroom, these Kung Fu Sutra condoms will be your perfect aid. Whether you are a lover or a fighter, these condoms are sure to inspire both the inner ‘warrior’ and ‘lover.’Erotic Inspiration CondomsErotic Inspiration Condoms4. Puppy-People Portraits

I love the portraits found in the Toby Dixon ‘The Lure’ photo series just as much as I love the context with which they were captured. Documenting some of the “characters that frequent Wentworth Park Greyhound races,” this Australian photographer has put together quite the interesting portfolio.Puppy-People PortraitsPuppy-People Portraits

3. Luxe Grafiti Sound Systems

For the artistes who crave a combination between artistry and technology, the Limited Edition Parrot Zikmu Graffiti speakers are perfect. A unique collaboration between French illustrator Pascal Cuttoli and French graffiiti artist Jean-Francois Claes, these Limited Edition speakers by Starck Wireless Speakers will touch the heart of any creative artist in their life.

Available for $2,575USD, each Limited Edition Parrot Zikmu Graffiti speakers can be purchased from select stores including the lavish Harrods in London, England. Luxe Grafiti Sound SystemsLuxe Grafiti Sound Systems2. Delightful Docked Dwellings

After seeing this interesting architectural piece, I’m definitely considering moving to the harbor into none other than the +31Architects ‘Watervilla de Omval.’ Close to downtown Amsterdam, this home allows you to have the water at your doorstep and an absolutely incredible view.

Designed within the size restriction of a maximum three-meter height, the +31Architects Watervilla de Omval is surprisingly spacious on the inside. Looking a lot more like a sea-level condo, this curvy water-inspired houseboat is my new dream home. Delightful Docked DwellingsDelightful Docked Dwellings

1. Sultry Sun-Kissed Couture

The absolutely exquisite Eniko Mihalik is featured in the December 2010 issue of Vogue Italia Beauty by Greg Kadel, with true-to-form dramatic lighting.

The images within Vogue Italia Beauty by Greg Kadel are as spirited and sun-kissed as one would expect from the fashion photographer. Strewn sensuously across the pages of the editorial and quite appropriately suggesting the bombshell’s sultry good looks, the model embodies all that is beautiful—further enforced by her couture costumes. Sultry Sun-Kissed CoutureSultry Sun-Kissed CoutureRead more on: