Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 6)

Domina Duo Photography

20. Wheeled Riding Dogs

Taxi Leo is now in production. Taxi Leo is a fun, rolling, ridable, dog-shaped seat for children. The kid-centric, adult-attracting design comes from Swedish Ninja and is available in a number of eco-friendly fabric choices. One of the most important criterion for Taxi Leo is keeping kids safe while they play.

Felicia Culler conducted a production feasibility analysis to consider whether Taxi Leo could remain affordable while meeting environmental, safety and cost concerns. Happily, her answer was yes.Wheeled Riding DogsWheeled Riding Dogs19. Conceptualizing Color Wheels

Data visualization presents or clarifies ideas using images, and the folks who spend their lives scheming clever ways to make us understand concepts through images wrestle with the question of whether visualizing data visualization is possible.

With electronic information delivery, we are increasingly oriented to receiving information visually. There is much discussion and several innovative approaches to illustrating the concept: The one that I like best (so far) is a beautiful, three-layer color-wheel-like approach by FFunction that overlaps information, design and communication.

The video, which is fantastic, is based on the TED speech by David McCandless.

Conceptualizing Color WheelsConceptualizing Color Wheels

18. Patriotic Eco Posters

You may find yourself reaching for the recycling bin more often after checking out Green Patriot Posters. These politically-inspired posters are created by a variety of artists and are designed to help push you towards green-minded action.

The Green Patriot Posters are inspired by everything from WWII posters to the Communist Manifesto. Check out a few eco-posters in the gallery and be on the lookout for the GPP book, which is out now.Patriotic Eco PostersPatriotic Eco Posters17. Vibrating Headphones

For the same reason you love a good amount of bass with your beats, you’ll be sure to appreciate the kinesthetic experience of playing music through the ‘Soundtouch’ by Filipe Lima. These cleaver headphones employ piezoelectric technology to convert sound waves into vibrations. This affords listeners a new and palpable sensation of truly feeling their music.Vibrating HeadphonesVibrating Headphones16. Mountainous Manes

In these hairtastic images for the Emily Dinonato Number 118 spread, this model shows off humongous hairdos in both elegant and radical looks.

With a monstrous ‘fro, it is evident that this hairstyle is for the wild child. Sideswept or pinned-back styling can’t tame the enormous hair, but it does bring volume and height that is fashionably hair-raising. Dressed in classy and luxe furs matched with spiky jewelry, this model brings a mix of upscale rocker-chic looks to the pages of the Emily Didonato Numero 118 spread.Mountainous ManesMountainous Manes15. Tropical Travel Wear

The Tory Burch Resort 2010 collection is proof that psychedelic style will never go out of fashion. If your wardrobe wilts at the expectations of your Christmas vacation in the Caribbean, be sure to spice it up with some pieces from this tropical lookbook.Tropical Travel WearTropical Travel Wear14. Conniving Fashion Photography

Although Emmanuelle Pick’s photography takes place anywhere and everywhere, from city streets to country fields, there’s an urban quality in each image that can’t be ignored. Perhaps it’s her choice of models or even stylists; nevertheless, there is an edginess that is at times tempered by pretty scenery and frothy frocks.Conniving Fashion PhotographyConniving Fashion Photography13. Spray-Painted Saucers

If you’re a little too hardcore for high tea but enjoy your orange pekoe, the INSA ‘Graffiti Fetish Tea Set’ is your cup of tea. Appropriating a pattern he used on a pair of Nike shoes, the artist took this redefined delicate design to make a delightful collection of bone china cups and saucers.Spray-Painted SaucersSpray-Painted Saucers12. Comical Air Safety Cards

My massive fear of flying has just been reduced somewhat by Airtoons. Airtoons is a website that adds hilarious captions to aircraft safety cards.

Aircraft safety cards are typically field with dated drawings of people fastening their seatbelts and blowing up their life jackets. Airtoons adds hilarious captions to those drawings, turning them into instant in-flight entertainment. Check out Airtoons in the gallery above.Comical Air Safety CardsComical Air Safety Cards11. Epic Icon Impersonators

‘He…’ is an enigmatic editorial featuring Brandon Wilson as Charlie Chaplin, photographed by Stefan Giftthaler. Acting out the comedian’s quirky poses in a peculiar getup, the male model mimes his way through the motions of 1910s and 20s silent films.Epic Icon ImpersonatorsEpic Icon Impersonators

10. Suicidal Photoshoots

Considering that China is known for its citizens’ censorship, Ren Hang’s photography is a breath of fresh air. Showing that this communist country isn’t all work and no play, his portfolio is full of eccentric shots peppered with a few racy images.Suicidal PhotoshootsSuicidal Photoshoots9. Domina Duo Photography

Although the leading lady in the Alessandra Ambrosio Numero editorial is fully clothed, things are heating up in here, thanks to her half-naked… servants.

Shot for the January 2011 issue, the Alessandra Ambrosio Numero editorial is dark, sultry and entirely luxurious. Considering that the winter season will be in full effect by the time this issue hits stands, it is definitely an appropriate spread. Enjoy these shots of the Victoria’s Secret angel via the gallery above.Domina Duo PhotographyDomina Duo Photography8. Gothic Raven Photography

Although this Lithuanian artist is known for her Gothic digital art, the Natalie Shau ‘Fashion Works’ portfolio shows a different side of her talents. Of course, the Gothic-Victorian tone is still there, but instead of lacing her work with digital paintings and 3D elements, she has delved more fully into photography as a medium all its own.Gothic Raven PhotographyGothic Raven Photography7. Technicolor Woodland Shoots

Yet again, the fantastic photography duo of Andrey and Lili have shot a beautiful series titled ‘Jardins de Babylone.’ Taking place in a fantasy-filled forest where fairies not only exist, but can also converse with the wildlife, the series is a treat for the eyes.Technicolor Woodland ShootsTechnicolor Woodland Shoots6. Playful Street Photography

Despite the first image, there isn’t anything remotely painful about Guillaume Lechat’s photography. Instead, you’ll probably walk away with quite the pleasant feeling after perusing through the gallery above.

French photographer Guillaume Lechat may not see daisies and sunshine in everything, but his work is definitely playful and cheerful enough to send you off with a smile. Dabbling in fashion, editorial and music industries, he has put together quite the impressive portfolio.Playful Street PhotographyPlayful Street Photography5. Homogeneous Home Theaters

Furniture shopping isn’t for everyone, and if you’ve got trouble choosing furnishings that match, the Jan Kaplicky ‘Future Systems Sofa’ is your all-in-one solution to filling an empty room.

As a couch able to accommodating about six people, the Jan Kaplicky ‘Future Systems Sofa’ provides a daybed-type lounging area complete with a lazy Susan, LED lighting and a place for your TV. However, it seems like the type of moveable you’ll never move from once you get comfortable.Homogeneous Home TheatersHomogeneous Home Theaters4. Couture Crown Headbands

These oversized princess headbands by Maribel Clara Eugenia (named after a real princess) will make you feel like royalty this holiday season.

Maribel began creating these crown jewels after moving to Toronto where friends and curious fashionistas demanded her princess headbands. She has quickly become the premier princess maker for modern monarchist stylistas who depend on her princess headbands to add pedigree to their accessory collections.Couture Crown HeadbandsCouture Crown Headbands3. Pants-Free Party Photography

‘After Party Dual Game’ in Nice Rock Magazine is a fun photo shoot that focuses on the afterhours of a late-night bender. The models frolic indoors and outdoors wearing itty-bitty sequined minidresses.Pants-Free Party PhotographyPants-Free Party Photography

2. French Bombshell Editorials

In this editorial for the Kurv Magazine ‘Icons’ issue, model Alison Arboux channels the inimitable blonde bombshell Brigitte Bardot for photographer Jonathan Segade. With sex-kitten hair, smoky cat eyes and gorgeous outfits, Arboux makes a convincing doppelganger.

Sara Bascunan provided the styling for this retro-themed shoot. See the gallery above for more images from the Kurv Magazine ‘Icons’ issue.French Bombshell EditorialsFrench Bombshell Editorials1. Teeny Tiny Teahouses

This Cloud Collective ‘Hermits House’ is the perfect prefab example of minimalist architecture at its most succinct. Designed by Mark van der Net and Daniël Venneman, this tiny teahouse offers an adorable rural retreat for a spot of Sunday tea.Teeny Tiny TeahousesTeeny Tiny TeahousesRead more on: