Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 4)

Italian Palazzo Serving Plates

20. Color-Filtered Editorials

Supermodel Kate Moss poses for the i-D Winter 2010 edition, shot in various hued photographs. Photographer Alasdair McLellan places a fabulously colored filter over each of the shots, making for a 3D-esque spread with surrealist tones.

Kate Moss’ natural talent as one of this decade’s top models shines through as always, bringing elegance and whimsy to the i-D Winter 2010 issue. Check out the featured gallery for a look at the fierce photography.Color-Filtered EditorialsColor-Filtered Editorials19. Alcoholic Lighting

UK designer Thomas Stanley has developed a collection of eco-friendly lamps called ‘lighTIN.’

Supported by wire bent frames, these ‘lighTIN’ lamps by Thomas Stanley feature recycled beer cans as its head. The lamp can hold bulbs that last up to 50,000 hours, meaning you wouldn’t have to replace them for a while. If beer cans aren’t your taste however, there are other cans that are available for purchase as well.Alcoholic Lighting18. Revamped Retro Speakers

The TDK Boombox looks like something out of an episode of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ As an homage to hip hop’s heyday, the TDK Boombox is retro revival with a modern twist.

The TDK Boombox may look old-school on the outside, but it’s nothing but new-school on the inside. The piece is still uber avant-garde with a leather shoulder strap, touchscreen capabilities and USB, 3.5mm and RCA auxiliary ports. The TDK Boombox will let you feed your retro revival hunger without ever having to pick up a cassette tape.Revamped Retro SpeakersRevamped Retro Speakers17. Crystalline Architectural Wonders

Four architectural wonders of the world have been replicated in a lavish fashion for the Swarovski Crystal ‘Blue Noses’ FAMOS exhibition. The ‘Blue Noses’ are Russian artists, and thanks to the help of the jeweler, their work has been executed in the glittering medium for the 15th anniversary of Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Austria.

Crystalline Architectural WondersCrystalline Architectural Wonders16. Curvaceous Kitchen Utensils

The collection of Copan cooking utensils is a line of kitchenware that is true to the human anatomy. Most cuisine appliances don’t take the shape of the human hand into consideration. Copan solves this stiff problem with an articulate solution of fluid forms to fix your feast.

Curvaceous Kitchen UtensilsCurvaceous Kitchen Utensils15. Italian Palazzo Serving Plates

esigners Selab and Allessandro Zambelli have made a scaled-down modular Mediterranean metropolis that has taken the form of Seletti ‘Palace’ porcelain tableware. Comprised of six small bowls, soup bowls and plates, this unique urban supper set stacks to erect what resembles the Renaissance civic structures of Florence.Italian Palazzo Serving PlatesItalian Palazzo Serving Plates14. Period Signification Jewelry

A Norwegian supervisor has made women within his company wear red bracelets during their time of the month, allowing others to know why she’s taking numerous bathroom breaks.Period Signification Jewelry

13. Trash Designer Clothes

Romanian designer Gabriela Mirea’s ‘Plastic is Fantastic’ line is a collection of fashionable clothes created completely from garbage bags, plastic bags, plastic wrap and other trashy materials. The designer’s amazing recycled fashionable clothes were displayed at the Bucharest Fashion show.Trash Designer ClothesTrash Designer Clothes

12. Witching Hour Photography

If there was ever a photo series that could capture the strange occurrences that take place under the cover of night, it would be the Benoit Paille ‘UnderNight’ portfolio. Of course, some of these featured scenarios seem a little far-fetched, but they are definitely intriguing nonetheless.Witching Hour PhotographyWitching Hour Photography11. Time Traveling Bed Sets

I am willing to bet that our friends across the pond will go crazy once they see the Doctor Who Tardis Bed. Doctor Who is an immensely popular British television show that features aliens, action, and a time traveling 1950’s police call box known as Tardis

The Tardis has been recreated before, but never on a scale as epic as the Doctor Who Tardis Bed. If you’re a Doctor Who superfan and want to get your hands on this, you’re in luck. For $4,500 plus shipping from New Zealand, this piece can be all yours.Time Traveling Bed SetsTime Traveling Bed Sets

10. Communal Eco Architecture

Norwegian design studio ‘Fantastic Norway’ has green-lit an inspiring project that builds interconnected homes for women and children in Nuuk, Greenland.

This ‘Fantastic Norway’ ‘House of Families’ project brings different architects together to build homes in the middle of Nuuk. The idea is to build a community that is protective and inviting while teaching independent living to its residents.Communal Eco ArchitectureCommunal Eco Architecture9. Severed Seat Storage

Using chairs as coat hangers is not a new concept, but I just love how cleverly these half IKEA ‘Bertil’ chair hangers came about. Posted on IKEAhacker, seattastic slings add an interior design element to small space storage solutions.

The designer was inspired to make these half IKEA ‘Bertil’ chair hangers after seeing a similar conception from ‘Laphoeff.’ Using two second-hand dining chairs, the resourceful and design-minded decorator cut the seat edges off and mounted the functional furnishings on his wall so that they now fulfill another use.Severed Seat StorageSevered Seat Storage8. Two-Toned Eyeliner

Charlotte Benson rocks a twist on a vintage vamp look in the Vogue Italia January 2011 issue. The classic cat eye gets a swipe of electric blue right above the crease, making the look completely new. Shot by Michelangelo di Battista, the spread boasts an elegant tone with avant-garde twists.Two-Toned EyelinerTwo-Toned Eyeliner7. Reptilian Leggings

Ladies, just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you should stop rocking hot leggings like Camille Cortet’s Snake&Molting design. Snake&Molting is a unique pair of leggings designed to look like a snake’s molting skin.Reptilian LeggingsReptilian Leggings6. Angular Sci-Fi Chairs

In joining the hype over the upcoming ‘Tron’ movie, collaborations and a plethora of creatively designed Tron products are popping up all over the place. New to the lineup is the Disney Cappellini Tron Armchair for the artistic sci-fi lovers.

This furniture piece is a comfy seating solution made of impregnated fiberglass and polyester resin. Designed by NYC-based Dror Benshetrit, this movie-inspired collection consists of angular layers and graffiti paint splashes. The Disney Cappellini Tron Armchair will surely make you “sit off the grid.”Angular Sci-Fi ChairsAngular Sci-Fi Chairs5. Promiscuous Promotional Prints

Fashion campaigns rarely reveal the work put into the styling and shooting, but these ‘Eram Shoes’ feature the perils of production in the place of the model.

Succeeding to showcase the footwear, these ‘Eram Shoes’ ads publicize the promiscuity and personal problems of the photographer, director, the model and even the client.Promiscuous Promotional PrintsPromiscuous Promotional Prints

4. Bubble-Head Photography

Although the Romain Laurent ‘Something Real’ photo series claims to be “real,” I think we can safely assume that it was brought about through the magic of impeccable post production. A creative soul if I ever saw one, this French photographer is quickly becoming one of my top favorites.Bubble-Head PhotographyBubble-Head Photography3. Schizophrenic Editorials

Pulp Magazine Issue 2 is a bold beginning for the publication, particularly due to this Tara Gill spread. This shoot shows the many faces of the fabulous model, from pouty, haute avant-garde to wacky tribal couture.

The Pulp Magazine Issue 2 shoot is a series of portraits shot by Arkan Zakharov, with Tara Gill wearing completely different makeup and styling in every shot.Schizophrenic EditorialsSchizophrenic Editorials

2. Monochrome Duo Editorials

The expression of conceptual minimalism was the goal for ‘Double Vision’ by Solve Sundsbo. Featured in Interview Magazine’s December 2010/January 2011 issue, this compelling collection of photos takes on so much more complexity in my mind.Monochrome Duo EditorialsMonochrome Duo Editorials1. Humiliating Holiday Portraits

Embarrassing snapshots have never had such great rewards. The Old Navy ‘Awkward Holiday Photo Mobile’ challenge gets parents and siblings into the spirit of shameful photo shoots by offering discounts on its clothing.

Doug Chernack and Mike Bender of ‘Awkward Family Photos’ are collaborating on the cringeworthy campaign, offering their help to make your pictures compromising. Suggesting props and poses to make your momento even more mortifying, the Old Navy ‘Awkward Holiday Photo Mobile’ challenge will afford you another year’s enjoyable embarrassment.Humiliating Holiday PortraitsHumiliating Holiday PortraitsRead more on:

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