Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 2)

Engraved Inspirational Tablets

20. Algae-Covered Architecture

The Taiwan Tower Competition truly is the gift that keeps on giving, with the submission of the ‘Tower of Droplets’ by London-based CRAB Studio being the perfect example.

Architects Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham have designed this tower to create algae that can be used for both biofuel and biomass. The biomass can be used to feed plants and fish while the biofuel can be used to power green automobiles. I had no idea how much potential algae in architecture had until I saw the ‘Tower of Droplets.’ Despite taking second place, this slimy eco-tower concept will have a bright future.Algae-Covered ArchitectureAlgae-Covered Architecture

19. Auto Diagnostic Apps

If you consider yourself somewhat of a mechanic, then you need to check out the Logworks app & OT-2. Logworks has created the OT-2 (‘Open Tune’) as a portable OBD-II that works in conjunction with the Logworks app, providing you on-the-go automotive diagnostics right on your iPhone.Auto Diagnostic AppsAuto Diagnostic Apps18. Poptastic Neckties

Imagine having a collection of ‘Bubble Wrap Ties’ to wear to work that you can squeeze and snap anytime and anywhere.

Although it sounds tacky, it actually incorporates the blistered material to make the necktie look both concealing and even couture.Poptastic NecktiesPoptastic Neckties

17. Cinematic Superhero Prints

Words can’t accurately describe how awesome these steampunk ‘Batman’ movie posters are. They’ve all cropped up thanks to comic book writer Warren Ellis who recently challenged his fans to create film posters for a legendary cinematic saga.Cinematic Superhero PrintsCinematic Superhero Prints16. Tech-Savvy Refrigerators

I don’t know how any cooking would ever get done with the Infinity I-Kitchen in the kitchen. This innovative refrigerator was created by Electrolux as the Internet-enabled refrigerator of the future.

The Infinity I-Kitchen has a Linux-based OS that lets you browse the web, and also comes preloaded with apps and recipes. I’m all for technology in the kitchen, but this refrigerator might be taking it a little too far. How is dinner supposed to get made when Facebook and Youtube are only a fridge away?Tech-Savvy RefrigeratorsTech-Savvy Refrigerators15. $3 Million Advent Calendars

If you can’t think of any gift ideas for this coming holiday, then check out the world’s most expensive advent calendar. Perfect for this time of the year, the calendar has been rendered as the ultimate gift as it sparkles and shines with 81 carats worth of brilliant diamonds.

Standing at a lavish $3,254,600 USD, the world’s most expensive calendar also includes a one-of-a-kind jewelry design by famous jewelry designer Biegel Schmuckdesign from Frankfurt am Main.$3 Million Advent Calendars$3 Million Advent Calendars14. Dapper Dinnerware

This set of ceramic dinnerware by Marianne Von Ooij is the perfect crockery collection to spruce up your supper table. Inspired by the social aspects of dinner parties, this ‘Dressed for Dinner’ line of plates and bowls is definitely unique.Dapper DinnerwareDapper Dinnerware13. Ergonomic Kayak Redesigns

I’ve never actually been kayaking before and I may never go at all after seeing the Yogakayak. The Yogakayak is designed as an ergonomic alternative to conventional kayaks, which can cause back pain and discomfort to users.

The Yogakayak is designed to be paddled in a kneeling position that takes pressure off of the back and redirects it towards the buttocks and calves. Obviously, the Yogakayak isn’t cut out for whitewater rafting or big wave adventures, but for a nice shoreline stroll, this piece for sure can’t be beat.

Ergonomic Kayak RedesignsErgonomic Kayak Redesigns12. Two-Wheeled Tanenbaums

Reusable Christmas trees are all well and good, but they can seldom hope to be as green as the ‘Tree-Cycle.’ This unique Christmas tree is made up of 100 recycled bicycles and can be found in ‘The Rocks’ in Sydney, Australia.

‘The Rocks’ has been featuring eco-friendly recyclable Christmas trees for a few years now, starting with the ‘Chair Tree’ in 2008.Two-Wheeled TanenbaumsTwo-Wheeled Tanenbaums11. Engraved Inspirational Tablets

The ‘Dominate Another Day’ iPad is an inspirational creation on behalf of the epic ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and illustrator ILoveDust. The tablet is a limited edition piece that is designed exclusively for those who love encouragement.

Engraved Inspirational TabletsEngraved Inspirational Tablets10. Spiked Glamazon Pumps

Like the red-soled signature look of Christian Louboutin heels, the ‘Spikette’ by Ruthie Davis features gorgeous style, but also embodies an added razor edge.

These lethal-weapon shoes are a pair of pumps you would not like to battle with. With spikes protruding in every direction, they are one set of mean stilettos. Softened slightly with magenta pink on the sole, the sexy ‘Spikette’ pump by Ruthie Davis is still a darling peep toe with a dangerous side.Spiked Glamazon PumpsSpiked Glamazon Pumps9. Magical Morphing Decor

The Studio Carnovsky RBG Wallpaper is a marvel of science and interior design. The wallpaper is made to display different images depending on the color of the lighting within a space, making for a magically morphing interior touch.

The surreal Studio Carnovsky RBG Wallpaper images follow an animal theme, with everything from wolves and other forest critters to an aquatic underwater theme. This technique is a staple for Italian artist Carnovsky, whose work is globally renowned.Magical Morphing DecorMagical Morphing Decor8. Bob-Cut Vixens

In a clean-cut, shiny bobbed haircut this Canadian supermodel shows off her posh beauty in the Coco Rocha for Glow spread.

Matched with a black and gold french manicure, black feathered fashions and luscious red lipstick, this model knows how to turn it on for the camera. Lensed for a beauty editorial, Coco Rocha for Glow is the perfect fit for fresh looks and vixen hotness. She is flawless in any new style she adorns.

Bob-Cut VixensBob-Cut Vixens7. Hiking High Heel Hybrids

Teva Stilettos are a construction work/couture creation by Grey Ant and Teva. These hot hiking heels boast the pointy stiletto style that is fashionable and oh-so-flattering, with a twist of hardcore athletic-chic.

Similar to a working boot, Teva Stilettos have a Velcro fastening and rubber corrugated grip soles attached to its 4-inch heel. Sufficed to say, Teva Stilettos are in a market that’s all their own.

Hiking High Heel HybridsHiking High Heel Hybrids6. Transforming Rain Boots

It’s not always stylish to wear rain boots but when the weather calls for it, you either stick with it or bring another pair of shoes to change into. Lugging around two pairs of shoes is not always optimal either. The ‘Sunny and Rain Shoes’ kill two birds with one stone, solving the problem with a convertible pair of boots.Transforming Rain BootsTransforming Rain Boots

5. Crafty Convict Retailers

If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift this year I’d recommend browsing through the wares of the Arizona Prison Outlet Store. This store is located in Florence, Arizona, and sells only the most high quality handmade prisoner goods.

Despite being given only bits of scrap metal and wood to work with, the prisoners have somehow managed to create everything from handbags to cowboy jewelery boxes. Check out a few sample items from the store above and make sure to stop by the Arizona Prison Outlet Store the next time you’re in the Grand Canyon state.Crafty Convict RetailersCrafty Convict Retailers4. Ultralight Two-Wheelers

Designed by Giovanni Bellini and Allan Sejer Madsen, the ‘Evanel Electric Scooter’ will be the efficient and elegant transportation of the future. Built to match its power source in mass, the lightweight two-wheeler will reach higher speeds carrying only your weight and not its own.Ultralight Two-WheelersUltralight Two-Wheelers

3. Tinted Windblown ‘Dos

The Marcin Szpak ‘Heterandria’ photo series is so elegant and graceful that I am having trouble looking away from it.

The Marcin Szpak ‘Heterandria’ series is simply a testament to this Polish photographer’s talent, not only for capturing beautiful moments, but also for his professional post-production work. See this surreal spread for yourselves in the featured gallery and get lost in these mesmerizing images.Tinted Windblown 'DosTinted Windblown 'Dos

2. Candice Swanepoel, Victoria’s Secret Model

For those who are madly in love with lingerie fashion giant Victoria’s Secret, there’s no doubt you will know the bubbly and drop-dead gorgeous blonde bombshell Candice Swanepoel. Fans are most likely still on a model-high due to the scintillating visions of supermodels gracefully strutting down the runway during this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Known for her sizzling photo spreads, bodacious body and sweet face, Swanepoel is a successful supermodel taking over the world of lingerie one sexy pose at a time.

We had the opportunity to ask Candice Swanepoel a few questions about her favorite trends and predictions in lingerie and this is what she had to say…

7 Questions with Candice Swanepoel

1. What is the next upcoming lingerie trend?

Well, as you can see there is a lot of leopard print and the newest bra called ‘The Player’ has a lot of it. It’s super sophisticated, sexy and it’s a great new bra!

2. How did you get involved with Victoria’s Secret and what motivates you to continue?

I went to a casting for the show, the annual show, and surprisingly got it! And from there I started working with catalogs and it’s been crazy since then I suppose.

What drives me? I mean, I have the best job in the world! Everybody can vouch for that (laughs).

3. Of course! How do you define cool?

How do I define cool… someone who is super comfortable with themselves, are not afraid to be different – just their own person.

4. What is your favorite Victoria’s Secret set?

I would have to say the ‘Miraculous’ bra which is all of our favorites. It comes with a lacy panty, which is one-size-fits-all, in every color you can imagine. So yeah, that’s super sexy. It gives you two sizes so you feel voluptuous and like a bombshell!

5. What is the most out-there lingerie set you have ever seen?

The set I really love is the ‘Balconnet’ bra. It reminds me of the Maryln Monroe. The shape is gorgeous and very, very elegant, which I like, so that’s my favorite one.

6. What’s your favorite fashion trend?

I like a lot of velvet. Maybe some leggings and with a cute dress.

7. What do you predict in the future for lingerie?

Hopefully it’s going to get sexier and sexier and sexier! You know Victoria’s Secret is pushing the boundaries with color, with patent. And for me… lace is always the sexiest, so hopefully there will be a lot more of that!Candice Swanepoel, Victoria’s Secret ModelCandice Swanepoel, Victoria’s Secret Model1. Colorfully Kooky Illustrations

Taking the concept of 3D images and making it his own, Kimiaki Yaegashi creates a kooky world of colorful creatures and scantily clad women. Even Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie make a quirky appearance in his imaginative illustrations.

Based in Tokyo, Kimiaki Yaegashi (aka Okimi) definitely embraces his Asian roots with these cute and strange illustrations. He studied art at the University of Iwate and currently works as a graphic designer and illustrator.Colorfully Kooky IllustrationsColorfully Kooky IllustrationsRead more on: