Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 13)

Massive Millionaire Boats

20. Bedazzling Sink Taps

The Swarovski Azeta Webert Faucet is sure to add a luxurious, bedazzling look for the kitchen or bathroom sink.

The sleek and elegant water taps come in a modern aesthetic with a chrome polished look; they’re accented with a Swarovski crystal lever. For an ultra-sophisticated look, the shiny Swarovski Azeta Webert Faucet will turn your basin into class and luxury and make the room absolutely glamorous.

Bedazzling Sink TapsBedazzling Sink Taps19. Anti-Online Predator Campaigns

The Rebecca Human Project for Human Rights has already taken down Craiglist’s “Erotic Section” page and is moving onto its next initiative: taking down, which has now become the U.S.’ largest online sexual marketplace.

Last month, The Rebecca Project ran shocking ads in Village Voice Media-owned papers featuring a man holding a sign stating, “I paid for sex with a 14-year-old child I found on Backpage.”

Anti-Online Predator Campaigns18. Nano-World Photography

The Olympus BioScapes 2010 competition has yielded some of the world’s most extraordinary microscope-enhanced life science images in the world. The beautiful photographs are intended to educate and inspire those who see them.

Nano-World PhotographyNano-World Photography
17. Festive Zombie Pinatas

TomDeadStuff makes artwork you can hit with a stick. His almost-life-sized festive zombie pinatas are the stuff for nightmares. But your guests can certainly practice their zombie attack moves at your next undead party!Festive Zombie PinatasFestive Zombie Pinatas16. Concrete Scrap Seating

Designed by Nicolas Le Moigne, the Trash Cube stool tightly embraces the eco-friendly practice of recycling material. A builder’s trash becomes a standing man’s treasure, creating a perfect concrete seat for a modernist at heart.

Maintaining some textural characteristics of its fiber cement scrap origins, the Trash Cube stool embodies an expressive brutalism that would greatly complement the architectural environment of a Le Corbusier home.Concrete Scrap SeatingConcrete Scrap Seating15. Science-Inspired Book Carvings

Julia Feld is an artist who gives new life to old and outdated books. Her book carvings are science-inspired and feature many items from nature and the human body.

I’ve always been a big fan of book carving. Work like that of Julia Feld opens up a whole new dimension of books as art that hasn’t really been touched upon yet. Sure, anyone can design an artistic book jacket, but it takes a true talent to carve one.Science-Inspired Book CarvingsScience-Inspired Book Carvings

14. Intentional Fashion Fails

Show your old ugly Christmas sweater who’s boss this year with the Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirt. This shirt was made by Vardagen and comes in three different stereotypical ugly sweater varieties.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirt lets you choose from a moose, deer and snowman motif. These shirts are undeniably ugly yet ironically hilarious. I might be able to get off my hipster high horse and sport one or two of these around town this holiday season. Check them out above.Intentional Fashion FailsIntentional Fashion Fails13. Time-Lapse Landscapes

Timescapes are created from time-lapse photographs shot by Tom Lowe, the 2010 astronomy photographer of the year. The video here is titled ‘Rapture,’ and shows production footage from images shot over the summer of 2010.

Lowe’s phenomenal collection of time-lapse photography is captivating and magical. He claims that “every shot is straight out of the camera […] no tricks or CGI or effects of any kind” were used.

Time-Lapse LandscapesTime-Lapse Landscapes12. Obscene Winter Wear

I am not at all surprised that the Vulgar Beanies from Indcsn are completely sold out. These beanies feature slogans telling people to kill themselves and F off, two sentiments which are surprisingly common, even during the holiday season.Obscene Winter WearObscene Winter Wear11. Digitally Printed Neck Silks

Zohar Kfir is an experimental video artist and the creative energy behind Pattern Recognitions’ digitally printed scarves, including the Audio Waves scarf. The Montreal-based artist enjoys experimenting with printing images on different materials. The images for her scarves come from her own video and photography works.Digitally Printed Neck SilksDigitally Printed Neck Silks10. Supportive Picnic Seats

I would spend many more days in the park or outside if only I had the FIDA Mat. The FIDA Mat is an ingenious design from Patrick Frey that acts as a picnic blanket with a backrest.

Most of us are content to make do with leaning on our arms or sitting on a pillow when we picnic, but not Patrick Frey. The FIDA Mat’s backrest is strong enough to support the weight of a grown man, but it is still portable enough to fit into the backseat of your car or on your bus seat.Supportive Picnic SeatsSupportive Picnic Seats9. Motivational Memos

Etsy artist Maiko Kuzunishi/Decoylab designed these Wishes and Goals clipboards that include notepads for keeping track of dreams and desires. The Wishes clipboard says, ”Make my wishes come true.” The Goals clipboard affirms, “I will achieve my goals.”

Motivational MemosMotivational Memos8. Vehicle Vent Vodka Bottles

Gearheads will absolutely love these automotive Nicholas Brawer Grille Flasks, which come complete with hood ornaments. When done well, luxury car paraphernalia like these five metal decanters are quite the sleek accessory.

Each imitates perfectly the radiator grilles of classic cars, from the Jaguar to the Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz. Made of glass and chrome, these Nicholas Brawer Grille Flasks will rev up your refined image.Vehicle Vent Vodka BottlesVehicle Vent Vodka Bottles7. Color Spectrum Structures

The Los Heroes building in Santiago, Chile designed by Murtinho y Asociados Arquitectos has a display of panels replicating the colours of a rainbow.

The concept behind the architecture was to examine the relationship between leisure and nature. Los Heroes is eco-friendly too, with panels that help trap solar energy to protect the interior of the building, giving closer control of temperature in the structure. I wonder if there’s a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.Color Spectrum StructuresColor Spectrum Structures6. Peculiar Peeping Sculptures

The look of these YHWH Vinyl Figures by Mark Ryden may perplex, but perhaps that’s part of their purpose. Dave Pressler sculpted these oddball objects based on the subject of a surrealist painting by Ryden himself.

The Necessaries Toy Foundation commissioned this curious piece, creating it with the help of Bigshot Toyworks and the creative vision of the artist. The special white and black editions of the YHWH Vinyl Figures by Mark Ryden are now available for $500 a pair, sold in unique packaging designed by Ryden.Peculiar Peeping SculpturesPeculiar Peeping Sculptures

5. Feminine Fantasy Shoots

There’s no better way to warm up this winter than by browsing through a sizzling hot collection like the Jessie Hill Spring 2011 line. Modeled by the hot New Zealander Zippora Seven, this dreamy collection will have you fantasizing about the sun all winter long.

Feminine Fantasy ShootsFeminine Fantasy Shoots4. Bathing Blonde Photography

Joshua Lyon is a photographer with an affinity for beautiful blonde bombshells. His photographic portfolio is not only a display of attractive females, but also an example of his impeccable skill with composition.

This series of photographs depicts blonde babes frolicking in the forest, pool, or getting comfy at home. Joshua Lyon shoots these scenarios with an intimacy that emulates a feeling of meeting these hot young women. Check out the gallery to see what Joshua Lyon can do.Bathing Blonde PhotographyBathing Blonde Photography3. Midas Touch Mermaid Shoots

In photographer Timmothy Lee’s latest work, model Irina Funtikova is captured as a shimmering gilded goddess in everything gold.

From sequined harem pants to gold-dusted frocks, the photos jump out as rich and brilliant. The most adorable ensemble is the model outfitted in a mermaid-like dress embellished with gleaming shingle-like details. With matching tawny makeup and shiny jewelry, Irina Funtikova bedazzles the pages in glitter and gold.Midas Touch Mermaid ShootsMidas Touch Mermaid Shoots2. Twining Vine Jewelry

These stunningly elegant Elvish Rings by Joanna Szkiela feature naturally-faceted Herkimer diamonds entwined in vine-like settings. The custom-crafted silver rings are one-of-a-kind creations intended to express hidden aspects of the wearer.

A self-trained jeweler, Szkiela enjoys using unusual associations between forms and materials in her work. The result is enticing jewelry, like these Elvish Rings.Twining Vine JewelryTwining Vine Jewelry1. Massive Millionaire Boats

The Exuma super yacht is a super-luxurious sea craft that is totally worth the $1 million rental fee. This monthly rate may seem marvelously extravagant, but you definitely get some bang for your buck.

The Exuma super yacht includes oak and Italian marble interiors, has a range of 5,500 miles at 12knots, and some extra features to keep you occupied. The massive vessel holds numerous water sports vehicles in gull-wing doors, giving you more options than the Exuma super yacht alone. Launch your $1 million dollar daydream in the featured gallery.Massive Millionaire BoatsMassive Millionaire Boats

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