Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 11)

Steampunk Mechanical Horses

20. Intergalactic Alphabets

The ‘Star Wars Alphabet’ is yet another awesome creation dedicated to the epic series of sci-fi films. ‘Star Wars’ has changed pop culture, which is a concept that artist Brand Peat capitalizes on in this collection.

In a culture where almost anything can be ‘Star Wars’-ified, Brandon Peat does it right. The ‘Star Wars Alphabet’ goes through all 26 letters of the English language, matching each letter to a character. Check out the featured gallery for a sample of the ‘Star Wars Alphabet’ series.

Intergalactic AlphabetsIntergalactic Alphabets19. $1,000 Chocolate Boxes

Most forget just how much good quality treats cost, but it’s rare to spend as much on a box of chocolates as one must for the larger collections offered by Michel Cluizel Chocolates. At $975, you get a five-tier hatbox full of almost 6kg of your choice of truffles.

The colossal chocolate box above is the second most expensive option, at $795 with 400 individual pieces. Nothing says “I love you” like a $1,000 cocoa care package from Michel Cluizel Chocolates!$1,000 Chocolate Boxes$1,000 Chocolate Boxes18. Alcoholic Gamer Heroes

The Robert Brockway ‘Drunk Ryu’ series from takes a viewer through the arcade game hero’s mid-life crisis. After questioning the meaning of his existence, Ryu goes on a bender and causes all sorts of maniacal mischief.Alcoholic Gamer HeroesAlcoholic Gamer Heroes17. Ethereal Cosmetic Campaigns

I think this Lady Gaga Viva Glam ad is one of the rare times we’ve seen this superstar looking relatively normal and ladylike. In absolutely stunning fashion, she strikes a solo pose, unlike her last stint for MAC with Cyndi Lauper.

Photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Nicola Formichetti, the Lady Gaga Viva Glam campaign will surely raise even more money for the MAC AIDS fund—especially considering that her last campaign for the brand was the most successful ever.Ethereal Cosmetic Campaigns16. Steampunk Mechanical Horses

Andrew Chase has done it again, this time with his steampunk mechanical horse. In addition to his cheetah and elephant, Chase may soon be able to open up a most unique zoo.

Of course, if it were up to Andrew Chase, this zoo will be comprised of only the most exotic of animals. Why? As Chase says, “The problem is/was that everyone knows what a horse looks like, so I couldn’t cheat (much).”Steampunk Mechanical HorsesSteampunk Mechanical Horses15. Fashion Sketch Phone Covers

Giving your phone some style and flair, this Gasbook Fashematics iPhone Case is perfect for the die-hard fashionista.

From the popular Fashematics Zine site, these intricate sketches were placed on a black and white cover, allowing you to show off your style with models straight from the catwalk on your iPhone.Fashion Sketch Phone CoversFashion Sketch Phone Covers14. Human Canvas Paintings

Ah Xian is an artist whose entire life has been dedicated to imaginative creations that challenge the norm. With pieces that range from 1969 and on, Ah Xian creates work that is insightful and impeccably executed.

This series of people paintings is no exception, with intricate illustrations executed on surreal life-like sculptures of human torsos.Human Canvas PaintingsHuman Canvas Paintings13. Bullet Peephole Photography

Levan Kakabadze is the perfect photographer to capture the immediate events in his surroundings, giving viewers a glimpse of the interesting and amazing things that happen in the real world.

A documentary/street photographer, Levan Kakabadze captures everything from Parkour practitioners to fun-loving kids.Bullet Peephole PhotographyBullet Peephole Photography12. Upside-Down Planters

The Hanging AirPlant Pod was devised by Mudpuppy as a newfangled solution to supporting problematic Tillandsia plants. The simple collection of water on this type of greenery can be extremely detrimental, causing the decay of its leaves and its consequently difficult survival.Upside-Down PlantersUpside-Down Planters11. Three-Wheeled Conversion Kits

Designer Berk Asal has designed the Triblean Tricycle Kit to seamlessly convert a bicycle into a tricycle. The Triblean Tricycle Kit removes the front wheel and mounts two wheels under the handlebars for a quick and idiot-proof conversion.Three-Wheeled Conversion KitsThree-Wheeled Conversion Kits10. Hot Human Knots

The photographic portfolio of Helena Dietrich is one of those that you just can’t help but look through over and over. This ultra-imaginative artist is truly one-of-a-kind, with ideas that are guaranteed to blow your mind.Hot Human KnotsHot Human Knots9. Cavernous Luxury Resorts

Mountaineering may not be your thing, but strike a more than slightly sumptuous balance by booking into the Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel. The five-star resort has 30 rooms renovated from 5th and 6th century ancient chambers in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.

Restored and modernized to house an unrivaled resort experience, the Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel has all of the expected amenities of accommodations of its caliber.Cavernous Luxury ResortsCavernous Luxury Resorts8. Soaking Wet Hairtography

Alexandra Carl makes getting wet super stylish within this interesting editorial spread.

Within this photo series named ‘Creature,’ Alexandra Carl releases her own inner monster while being photographed by photographer Damon Baker, who captures grungy portraits of this rad model. Showing off her wild side, Alexandra Carl sure looks like a creature of beauty in this captivating editorial. See for yourselves in the featured gallery.Soaking Wet HairtographySoaking Wet Hairtography7. Chair-Straddling Popstars

Showing off the darker, more mysterious side of this popstar’s sexuality, the Katy Perry Maxim covershoot will have guys (and girls) begging for more. Although Mrs. Brand is known for her sensuality, it’s usually portrayed in a very cutesy way. Now a married woman, she’s graduated from hot, vivacious girl to hot, vivacious lady.

Photographed by Yu Tsai, the Katy Perry Maxim editorial will be part of the January 2011 issue.Chair-Straddling PopstarsChair-Straddling Popstars6. Good Advice Graphics

It’s one thing to make art and quite another to make art that matters; Mikey Burton’s works fall into the latter category. This illustrator and graphic designer imparts sage advice and life lessons in minimalist and quirky ways.

Born and raised in Ohio, Mikey Burton is now based in Philadelphia. Describing his work as ‘Midwesterny,’ he studied Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. Now an award-winning designer, he counts the New York Times, Wired and Facebook as his clients.Good Advice GraphicsGood Advice Graphics

5. Time-Travelling Couture Spreads

The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 Lookbook is retro revival done right. The luxury lifestyle brand releases yet another impeccable couture collection, with 1960s-inspired pieces that embody everything I love about this classic designer.Time-Travelling Couture SpreadsTime-Travelling Couture Spreads4. Magic Act Photography

For Kathryna Hancock, it seems like photography is all about setting the scene, no matter how simple it may be. Drawing on the emotions of her models as well as a few props placed here and there, she creates great images that are borderline quirky.

Based in Los Angeles, Kathryna Hancock seems like the romantic type, by the look of her succinct bio (see below); her photos uphold this romantic tendency. Check out the gallery above for more of Hancock’s work.Magic Act PhotographyMagic Act Photography3. Fashionable Transformations

French designer Camille Cortet has designed a special fashion line for people to get in touch with their animal instincts. Understanding that fashion is a game of constant changes, Camille chose animals that change their skin and behaviors as they grow to incorporate into this series.

The ‘Transformation Project’ includes two pieces: the Snake&Molting legwear and the Bird&Seduction accessory collection. This fashion line by Camille Cortet is an invitation for you to explore your animal instincts and invites you to have a transformation of your own.

Fashionable TransformationsFashionable Transformations2. Whimsical Food Photography

German artist Sarah Illenberger has a series of posters dedicated to making food appear as recognizable objects.

Illenberger chooses familiar motifs and objects, and recreates them using fruits and vegetables. The result is a visually colorful display of images that’s creative and fun to look at. Transforming a watermelon into a cloud raining seeds and a tomato into a grenade, this simplistic approach truly says that less is more.Whimsical Food PhotographyWhimsical Food Photography1. Bold Tea Party Photography

Photographer Lynsie Roberts is more than just savvy with a camera lens—she’s carving her name into the Toronto fashion and fine art scene with her uniquely colorful photographs. Definitely not a stranger to bright, bold color and dizzying patterns, Roberts has a unique perspective that allows her art to be classic and playful at the same time.Bold Tea Party PhotographyBold Tea Party PhotographyRead more on: