Tom Mower’s Stunning Estate in Springville Is Now for Sale

This stunning estate in Springville, Utah was completed in 2010 for Tom Mower, the owner of Sisel and the founder of Neways. Some say it flaunts over 60,000 square feet of space, but more modest (and also more credible) reports have reduced that number to “only” $50,000. Whatever the case, this is definitely one of the largest residences that was built in the US in recent years.

It flaunts 76 acres of private land, boasting amazing panoramas from pretty much every room. The residence has six bedrooms,12 bathrooms, and plenty of other lavish spaces on all levels. A grand double staircase connects the different floors of the house, and numerous high-end materials, such as granite and marble, decorate all interiors.

This is a dreamy gated property, with a gorgeous waterfall, perfect lawns, indoor swimming pool, indoor basketball court, state-of-the-art home theater, bowling room, and more. Knowing all this, plus the fact that it covers so much space, its $30 million price is not even that outrageous!

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