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Throughout the world, many people have seen personal success. Others struggle with it and often believe success is unattainable for them. The only difference between those who are successful and those who think that success is unattainable for them is the belief that they cannot do something.  

Defining what success means to you is one of the first strides on the path to finding your success. Once you determine what success will be to you, then leap and begin on your successful journey. The exciting thing about successful people is that, even when they have reached “the top,” most of them continue to strive toward other goals and they never stop learning. 

They also surround themselves with people who are positive and live in an environment where they can find compassion, even with the people who wish them ill will. This compassion doesn’t make them weak, nor does it mean that they forget, but it does mean that they have an understanding of what makes humans who they are, what their motivation is, and whether they are a person who should be in their circle. Having an open mind and an open heart can be hard, but it can also lead you on your path to success. 

Continue reading below to find out some tips from people like Oprah, guides from magazines like Entrepreneur, Inc, and Success to find some tips that can help you, no matter what part of your journey you are on. 

Defining Success

Not everyone’s idea of success is the same. Some people view success as a healthy family, a stable home, and a good career. Others see success as quantifiable, like how much money they have. Knowing that there are no right or wrong ways to view progress is the first stride on your path to finding it. 

So how do you find ways to define what success means to you? Make a list, review what other people do, and use their public life as a model for yours. Do you want to go to school to be a writer like Stephen King? Would you instead build a business from the ground up? Do you want to be a stay at home mom and teach your children how to be the best adults they can be? 

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

—Stephen King

Listen to what your core is telling you about what you want and who you are. Learning to listen to your instincts will help you define your success and help develop goals along the way. 

Take Risks

After you define yourself, you will have to take the leap and jump into it. This action may be the hardest part of all. Although it isn’t hard because the reality of your goals is unattainable, it is hard because dreaming about something and doing it are two different things. 

Fear is something that holds everyone back from taking that leap into reaching their potential, and while some of us never feel fulfilled without the jump, others let fear define their lives instead. 

The beautiful thing about fear is that even if you feel it, you can reach your goal anyway. Fear is the emotion you feel when you care about something. If you don’t feel fear, you may not care as much about your goal as you think you do. Anxiety isn’t a bad emotion to have; it is easily overcome. When you don’t let it stop you, you can become unstoppable. 

Think Big but Start Small

When you envision your success have to roles in your mind, where you are now and where you want to be. Thinking about where you want to be will allow you to set big goals for yourself while planning out your path to get there. 

Starting small will help you build momentum and give you the strength to keep going when you fall (because you will likely fall, as even the most successful do). If you leap and long for the most far-reaching goal first, you miss the journey and may not have enough momentum to keep you moving toward the bigger part of yourself when troubles come up. 

Start small and build upon the little goals. Soon, the little goals become larger, and the larger goals can help you continue building on your success when you reach your biggest goal and will keep you going. 

Make Mistakes and Learn from Them 

Everyone makes mistakes. Those who are genuinely successful learn from their mistakes and figure out how to make things better. When you make a mistake and learn something from it, even if it is finding out what not to do again, you enrich your life, keep yourself humble, and can find enjoyment in any part of life. 

Take Time for Yourself

On your journey toward success, don’t forget about you as a person. Mental, emotional, and physical strength embolden success even more. Meditation, yoga, reading, working out, painting, or whatever your hobby is, is part of your journey up the ladder. Rest can refresh your mind more than pushing through stress. It will keep you grounded and help you focus better than pushing yourself through the chaos that life can throw at you sometimes. 

Find Compassion for Everyone

There are those people who should be in your life and there are others who are not healthy for your goals. Determine which group the people in your life belong to and walk away from the ones who are not fit for you, your goals, and your life. People show you who they are through actions and words. If there is someone who says something positive but acts negatively, make sure that you keep in mind their inconsistency. 

If the person says something and backs it up, either good or bad, figure out if you’d like that person on your side. 

Compassion for everyone doesn’t mean to keep everyone by your side and to “find good in everyone,” it means that you understand what people are right for you and your goals and which ones are not. It doesn’t mean to forgive and forget if someone hurts you but apologizes, only you can decide if you can forgive them. If you can, then move on if you cannot forgive them, it’s best to cut ties with them. 

When cutting ties, you can still wish the person the best. Ultimately, though, you have to understand that their ideals are not your ideals and know that leaving them behind might be what is best for you to find your healthy and consistent life. 

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