Three Special Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport at Dubai Motor Show

No Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is as awesome as the one in your own garage (if you are lucky enough to actually have one). That’s mainly because it’s yours, but there is also another good reason to feel like there is no other Grand Sport like yours: Bugatti offers endless personalization options to its customers! To emphasize this, the famed automaker has decided to bring three different (but equally spectacular) Middle East versions of the car at the upcoming Dubai International Motor Show.

The first one is probably also the most striking version, thanks to its bright yellow body, with black carbon fiber touches. The car wears Ettore Bugatti’s two favorite colors both inside and outside. The interior has either black leather elements with yellow stitching, or yellow leather parts (the seats) with black stitching. Carbon fiber trimmings are also part of the special interior. The price of this Grand Sport is €1.58 million (approx. $2.15 million).

The second version is also a two-tone supercar: blue carbon and aluminum. The interior boasts a bright tangerine color, matched with dark blue Indigo leather and exposed blue carbon fiber. The price for this one is €1.74 million (about $2.37 million).

The third version boasts a new green carbon fiber tone matched with polished aluminum. The interior is also silver and green, to mirror the spectacular exterior. The price on this version is also €1.74 million. All three custom Veyron Grand Sports are vivid illustrations of Bugatti’s desire to meet every client’s needs and preferences. Individualization is never a problem at Bugatti.

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